What creeps me out is when you need to open a door handle and you take hold of this door handle and and your skin is holding old dried food, spew.

What creeps me out.


What creeps me out.

Your commas, dots and periods.


He doesn’t like how all the eyes in the club stare through him. He will have to get use to this, Or go mad; we all know, what to go mad, is, you are to busy being mad.

He knew he had to get out of this madness or perish within.

One score one line

The closer he will get to the door the he understands, the more he learns, he understands, one score one line.

“Ready to rumble ready to laugh this is going to be fun. I get your game and I’m on.” He laughed up at the ceiling, smiled back into the crowd; he understands the eyes are nothing compared to the white.

“Get over the creep boy.” Then she laughed.

This. Freaked him out; she was back; his angel. But she was nowhere to be seen. “look away look away look away .” He bowed his head, then opened his eyes, into the eyes of the human, to stop the voice of the angel. But in playful fun, she whispered in his ear enticing him to see her eyes, too see her face.

“Well, look. Residue.” His attention held tight to the residue, leaving the faded voice behind.

One score one line.

“Is there a line thing going on here?, how many lines do I need! Am I to collect lines?, waiting a minute.” He looked to the ceiling, “linebackers?” He turned to the laughter coming from the door.


It’s not you think you thought you did. It’s you did.

Everybody is allowed to think, every human has a though, people think all the time, this cannot be denied.

It’s the act upon the thought of the thinking. Thinking the thought, tells us you think! Because you were thinking you knew what you were doing which cannot be denied.

The archer appeared to him standing to face. The brightness alone frightened him, he looked to his right, then washed his eyes over the crowd, he looked to his left, then another step back, the shadow of his right arm is visible through his closed eyes.

He said; “Hey wait a minute. How come I can’t see?” She said; come with me.

He said; “how come it’s so bright?” She said; it’s OK you can come with me.

He said; “Who are you?” She said; it’s OK you are safe you can come with me.

He said; “I don’t go with strangers.” She said; come with me.

He said; “I can’t go with you I need to see the residue.”

He struggled to open his eyes the need to watch for the residue became stronger than the light he opened his eyes he could see people all around him but it peers to be a great I in the blackness closed in on him shutting tight until there was nothing. He woke-up back in the washroom back to where it all started he’s back, One score one line.

He knows now what he is, he is what he wanted, an angel.

“Wait a minute!”, he called up at the worn ceiling. ” In a shit house?” Then he’s distracted by somebody going to the sink to wash their hands. He needs to watch for residue. “This isn’t over?” He stood at the sink. “That’s it. Pick at skin like a little fat hen.” He took time to laugh, then said, “thimble. Or plastic finger fitters.” He laughed loud repeating, “finger-fitters?” He looked back to the ceiling quite content, “this is going to be fun. But it still ain’t over, we’re talking.”

Another woman came to the sink, she just looked in the mirror, fixed her hair then showed herself her teeth. He looked to the door, that thought came back. Wall walking.

He flashed a smirk, then paid more attention back to the sink, a young girl is scrubbing her hands. He grimaced at her two fingers on her right hand lootarred up, it looked as though she’s been smoking all her life.


So here I am, standing in a place where I stood before. Where months upon days kept us apart.

Entering the building climbing the stairs going down the long spacious hallway looking door to door wall to wall, reminded me of the pleasure of being there again , we waited.

I was at another paint class B.o.B studios of Art, I’m not sure what it was called but I had been here before and I was to paint a flower which ended up looking like an iris goat. I laughed, it was hilarious. I was the only one able to see this goat in this Iris painting, but after pointing out certain areas on the canvas, it became clear to everybody, allowing them to see the goat face in the flower. But who would remember anything like that, a silly painting by me.

The Woman at the door gave handshake, greeting by name, with a warm smile, holding a friendly look in her eye to each person entering the classroom, until it was my turn, where she paused the handshake only to take friendly time welcoming me.

I do not know your name she smiled . This must be your first time to come and paint with us. I remember everybody’s name by face.

No not the first time I painted a flower here once.

Her face lit up like a candle she exclaimed, Constance the iris goat! Welcome back.

To recognize my name from a painting felt so special to me, I felt welcomed “rate” straightaway.

I painted a polar bear, it was pet night everybody brought pictures of their pet dogs, but one other person. They had a picture of a real pet donkey. So my polar bear really stood out.

By the end of the night, each painting of these pets were beautiful, people are amazing what they can do with colour.


Egypt the beginning of time with it’s Pyramids and strange hieroglyphics on walls and land. Easter island, China,  Japan and Peru. The equator and the Equinox The golden number  all tied in with the speed of light. 299792458. The fascination of it’s Kings with the stories ever told always changing but never getting old.  1902 The French with his first find,  spread violent tales of jealous rage killing King-for king for power, until the end of EGYPT’S time of rules where it’s dynasty died. 

Egypt, the days of gold and it’s time-travelers, where stories are told of  visitors from another world sent to guide Earth’s people into a future That would end. 

EGYPT always to be explored with never ending stories and always more to be told. 


If I could I would Spend all my time eating chips and cookies not really very much candy but more like cake.  But I can’t my body won’t allow me too. But if I could I would. 

If I could spend all my time sitting around watching movies and reading books and just resting I would. But my body won’t allow it my body would get tired and fat flabby and lazy. But I would if I could. 

But they want me to eat bananas. 


One of the funniest things ever.

While filling out an application for a cooking job my grandson ask if I would make him two grilled-cheese sandwiches.  Yes, yes I will, come on, I tell him leaving the application.

Quickly I turned on the stove, then buttered two slices of bread, put the buttered side down in the heating pan.

Then I placed a slice of cheese on top both cooking breads and buttered two more slices of bread covering the cheese.

Then I ran back to my application answering questions, typing fast hoping for no mistakes.

Moments later my grandson came to ask about the grilled-cheese sandwiches.

Aw! I ran to the kitchen area which is covered in smoke.IMG_2020

I thought I would give it to him anyway just to see his face.

I’m eating it yuck!

But isn’t charcoal good for your teeth?

I did not get the job but I did learn to do one thing at a time, cook or fill out an application.