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WELCOME TO THRILLERS. This a spot where we can get outrageous dipping into the madness in one’s mind without actually harming a hair on any human or animal. A place where we can paint a picture in our minds eye thoughts. Nothing is ever real in here! ! ! Just incase you think aliens are real, well between you and me they are in our heads. But this is where it all stays, here in words where anything is possible, like Ducks wearing alligator flippers attacking you in the bath tub/cos where else.  ?  Ducks fly.

WELCOME TO Thrillers.

  • Happy or sad.
  • Funny or mad.
  • Hilarious or terrorized.

They all leave some sort of an impressionable feeling of excitement or suspenseful thought. Even if it is a happy sad or mad thought, a how could you thought it’s just thrills.

SO this my blog post title>WELCOME TO THRILLERS.




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