CAGES hanging birds

What if you had twenty-seven days to live, to escape to get out. What are you going to do?  Any given situation needs a well thought out plan of action to be ready hanging in the on-set of perfect timing.

You thought you had it all worked out sitting back in your cushy lazy boy chair, your hand in the bowl of tasty popcorn as you glare at the television set watching your favorite TV show. All your bills were paid by you. Shopping is done. The house tidied and things are cool, but all the while outside the streets are littered with ZOMBIES!

You hear screams, you pay no attention, just turn up the volume no bother, the people next door are always loud. But then you are distressed by all the banging at the doors and windows you get up to go see. Crap! You can not, will not believe your eyes. you blink just as the glass in your picture framed window smashes opened and death falls in.

You grab your pet chicken stuffing her in the hanging cage, then you run and pull down the cord allowing a get-a-way up into the attic. Oh so safe! And just in time. Hordes of grr-ing Zombies fill your home. What, you’re not happy? There is nothing in the attic not even light? How can this be?

What kind of life will you have now? Did you even plan if things go wrong you would have a flashlight or heat or a chair to sit on or even a chicken to eat? How long do you think you will even have before you crack! 27 days is out of the question.

Maybe if you would have thought to at least have a pencil up there with you jotting down the chronological happenings, we would know better how to prepare for such events.

So lesson learned. Make something out of your attic if you have one.

poor chicken.

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