WARNING:   Association to connect with the mind.

Tic-toc, tic-toc, hide your clocks if you’re outside take off your watch, tic-toc, tic-toc.

Put your headphones on, volume up. TIC-TOC !

The day was long, work started out fine, after several had hours passed things became tedious, soon after that tedium set in and stayed. “This reeks like bull crap. I need to get out of here.!” He look over his shoulder seeing three more piles of waiting pallets to be scrapped before he could leave. “Not today,” this said with a long release of breath.

These pallets held  discarded pieces of wood needing to get sawed into smaller pieces to fit the size of a reprocessing machine, turning the unused boards to pressed wood for resale.

Finally with a lowered head, the job is done, he walked out of his work building with out even punching the clock. Not even say safe to all. Home. That is all he wanted, to get out of there and go home. Something had bothered him the night before, what? He has no idea what is wrong but for the lack of sleep, which reminds him of this exhaustible feeling. And forget eating. The hour is late evening set in and he refuses to think about food even though his stomach pokes at his mind here there, hello feed me, no time, no time. He hears his watch tic toc,  tic toc,  tic toc. STOP! “I don’t understand!” He sits in his truck waiting watching, for what?

He is being watched! In the trees, look over there, you can see the red flashes. He can’t. He doesn’t know to. Tic toc tic toc   BANG! -Knock knock knock. Back to reality, he is startled by this hammering on the side window. It is his good friend with raised eyebrows and that wonder all over his face. He then motions for the window to be rolled down.

“What’s up ya dick?  What’s the big hurry! You haven’t said a word all day, I gave your lunch to Joe.”

“I don’t know.” He still sat in his truck all confused.

“Look. We still on for tonight. We talked Lucy into meeting you.”

“What? Lucy? Tonight?” He glanced at his watch, he rubbed at his head, he stay bewildered.

“What the hell you bastard! You pissed yourself when you saw Lucy. You said you’d do anything to get with her again. Why are you being a dick!”  He gave his friend the finger.

“I’m busy. I have work. Tell her another time. I need to split.”

“SPLIT?  Are you whacked in the head? “

“Next week.”  He rolled up the window and drove away not even looking at his friend who still standing there shaking his head.

HOME. He is home. He unlocks the door going in, tosses the truck keys on the small stand by the door as he shuts and relocked it. He heads for the kitchen sink splashing cold water to his face. This feels good but really does not help. He took off his watch taking a long shower. This helps. He forgets for this time, as he is listening to the water splash down around him drowning out any noise,  he stands there under the streaming wetness soaking in all the aroused pureness water gives us. “I need this day over.”  Minutes drained away.

To his surprise he did feel much better so he tossed a man sandwich together sat eating muttering in his head how he has a school project to finish .

He took a course in the arts of Electricity giving him a final test on putting together a three-way switch that works!, this is to be handed in by the Monday coming.  So finishing the sandwich and the mulling he set to work gathering all the wires and tools and parts to construct his three way switch board. Time passes and with great success he is quite pleased with the work at hand as it is complete and does indeed work. “Yes!”

He looks to the clock tic toc  tic toc                        He  looks at the clock.                                            The clock.         Why?   He does not know.   He can not move from the clock. He listens to the ticking sound non stop. He wants to move but for some reason he is paralyzed, waiting for something, but what, he can not say. Waiting watching standing in a trance knowing that all time stopped, even the second-hand did not move.  This happened last night as well, only he happens to be a very deep sleeper so he couldn’t fully wake.

Now he is awake and they are back, humming their eerie mind waves, capturing his thoughts controlling his every move and there is nothing he can do. Just stand in front of the timeless clock waiting, tic toc tic toc,  watching, tic toc tic toc  tic toc, stuck in this hypnotic awe asking over and over why!

The just like that. He turned from the clock and went to the front door unlocking  it, opening up the entrance  then took off all his clothes then stepped out into the dim night walking onward.

He can see five figures running towards him. He can see and hear their long sharp claws scraping  across the paved road-way. He could see the vigilant white teeth. he thought the eyes were in place of their stomachs, but the closer they came he can see that their heads were on long necks hanging low to their scaly hips. He could see that these creatures resembled reptiles, large running lizards like things sending mind waves, telepathic thoughts causing him to obey their every command. Tears rolled down his cheeks then he lay down in the cool grass as all five encircled him.

These are called BUGOIDS. Right now I am not at Liberty to say. But the larger one spread open his legs. It started eating all his sex glands, anything to do with the reproduction glands, all and any organ clean of any disease is to be devoured by this one  Bugoid while the others waited.

Tears streamed down the side of his face and he thought he was having sex. No pain at all, none. Then the humming stopped and they snatched his eyes.

The next morning, nothing remained of him, not one drop of blood nothing! His clothes were even gone.

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