It is late in the even when Ned hears a knock at his door.  He puts the knife in the sink where he is standing cleaning the bass he caught from the lake this afternoon. He gave his hands a wipe then went to the door but no sooner than he opens it something runs past his feet and under his dinning set, he sees that it is a dog, he thinks.  He puts his attention back at the entrance where his best friend stands carrying a huge ass smile. “You going to invite me in?”

“Is that not you.”    “Yeah, har  har. It’s a dog.”  His buddy enters closing the door behind him and they both go to the dog getting down on one knee doing their best to coax the animal out.

“Here Rex, come on boy. Come on, that’s it, you can do it, good dog.”     ” Where did you get this animal?”     “He was wondering around the garbage cans down near where I work.  They have that YOSAM CHEN FOOD place across the way.  I see him there all the time.”                 “So you just took him?”    “Well, he is there all the time I don’t think he has a home.”         “So you stole him and brought him here? why not your home. Holy boy you stink!”       “You know I couldn’t with my mother.”      “Your mother! Your mother does not live with you.”      “Okay man, but she comes around and you know how she is, she will yammer at me until I open the door. Poor dog.”       “Sure poor dog..  Come on boy,  that’s it.  you can do it.  yeah  come on.”        “See he loves you.”      “No it’s not love duh.”

Needless to say, the dog finally came out from under the table carrying a nasty smell with him, jumping all over Ned which would be inevitable because Ned smells like fish not rotten garbage like the dog.  They both messed around with the animal, patting rubbing talking like babies soothing the filthy dog, then Chris stood. “Well I got to run.”   “Hey wait a minute now, you’re not leaving this here?”     “What the hell is your problem man?”    “Problem?  Problem. WTF,  why am I the underdog here. . .Hey wait a minute you dick. This is no boy!, and it’s with pups. YOU.”

“I’m late for work later looser.”      Before he went out the door one last looked assured him the Ned would keep the weather-beaten stray giving her a good home. Why? I’ll tell you why. Because Ned is like that and Chris knows it.




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