This is getting ridicules  as if no body cares. There has to be someone, anyone out there who will want to take a look and see.   Writing and writing riding the mind of useless clutter. Who killed this, who killed that. What will happen next!  It’s all there!

To capture interest or somebody’s wonders is not an easy thing to do. What is to be done? Ask questions? Of who?  Who will have the answers? “Don’t kill the little hopping bunny.” “Don’t whip that man to death!” “Mommy, how could you!”  How could I what!

There must be someone anyone out there who wants to see or read this stuff. It’s in my head blowing my mind! Paper. Pencil. Paper, paper, where is the paper? “Ow my brain hurts, there is too much rambling rumbling razor-sharp creatures chewing to get out!

What’s that Blood? Why is that hammer on the table? I don’t like the way he is looking at me.  “Mother!” There should be five not busy people out there looking for juicy lies! Phantoms beyond illusions waiting to scar your mind. It’s impossible, no it’s not! WATCH!

Yes. Yes I do. I believe I am the one you are looking for.  The one who will fill in that void awed in your mind. The start-up key you can not find. The let’s go crew, get her done. “What does she have!” “What do I have?” “Why her!” “Why not?”  I have it too.

Chicken soup.>>>>Wrap his arm around that pole.

Blueberry dumplings.>>>>It ate her reproduction organs.

Eggs and toast.>>>>You can not stop us.

Cheese and Wine.>>>>He lapped at the blood with its 6 foot tongue.

To go on for ever more, killing this, slapping that, knocking harder where it is not wanted. To scribble in a hunch a bunch of madness tapping out hey, what about me. “I will never let you sleep.” “I will invade your days too.” “I will!”

Holy boy I want out, but you want out too. So scratch your brain. Shake your head. Go over it a thousand more times. Someone somewhere is out there looking to get in, to see your stuff. My stuff too.


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