AW I always miss April’s Fools day even though I am in the day. But just what good is this day?  What exactly is this day for? Eating mushrooms with tomatoes, onions cayenne pepper and rice? Sure it is.

What is this APRIL FOOL’S DAY anyway? It came from somewhere but really NOBODY knows this but for it being Ancient custom to play jokes on friends. [Eyes are wondering from side to side] because it is common knowledge people play jokes on their friends everyday. Well close to it. like now for instance, I put the ass-wipe up on the window ledge. What just for a joke.  “What? What do you mean April Fool’s day is only in the morning before lunch, on the dot!”

Well that is what they tell me now.  But really it is a one day Holiday in which silly safe pranks are played on friends.

WE MUST ALWAYS REMEMBER THE WORD [safe]. Safe jokes no harm during this ancient spring festivals.

Places it is recognized is, Canada, Scotland, Germany, United States, Great Britain, and France that I know of.

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