A sign was posted.

 [Your not producing fast enough]

People stood gawking at one another then back to the sign. The whole room filled with whispers turning to chatters then things became loud.

“What does this mean?” someone asked. “It is evident we are to slow.” Somebody else said. “Then what are we to do?”, came from across the room. At that moment if you were standing there you can hear the pin fall to the floor bouncing back and forth until it lay still and everyone looking to it. Then all ears and eyes turned in the direction of a voice.

“We have to bring in others.” No body said anything for a few seconds. Then the same voice, “but we must be careful. The body fat must be that of the o negative blood type.”

“We just can’t take people off the streets.” Came flying back. “I know this. Precautions must be made of course.”  Chatters and commotion started crowing the air.  “What is there that we can do?”  “It’s impossible!”  “What do we tell these others.”

“I know you are all afraid and you should be. But we tell them it’s just a simple test.”  “But what if they don’t comply.”  “Then they die for nothing.”

The market is high for o negative body fat. There is a great demand for implants. While some people starve themselves others are stuffing their faces, piling on the pounds allowing the child to go hungry all for the money…

Sometimes people will do anything for money without think of ANY consequences. But what good is getting this money only to die? There is a lot to think about here.IMG_1052



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