If you have ever played Bingo then you know it starts at 7:00pm. The hall actually is filling up by six-fifteen pm. You have a choice, get there early for the cards or the seats. There you have it, it is up to the individual when to arrive.

In this town the bingo is special every Halloween. Why? I will tell you why.  Because it is the end of the month. And at the end of the month is the Progressive must go. This is a bingo game worth anywhere from 6,000 to 10,000. So let me tell you the hall fills with people coming out of the walls.  Well at least this is what the regulars think. “Where do these people come from?” Sure they get up-set. This type of money grabbers only come after the town’s people build the prize cash up reaching top dollar. They have good reason to be annoyed. So at least get there to get your seat!, they never run out of cards.

So the story begins, pull out your crackers and no choking!

“Hurry-up you guys, I want to get there before six o’clock. The bingo hall starts to fill around 6:15.”  “Yeah what ever, we will get there.”  “No, there is seven of us and you want to sit together plus I want the table up front.”  “Why? Why up front?”  “We like to see the colour of the ball and try to guess what number it is, sometimes I am right.”  Her mother nodded. “Yes you’re pretty good at that, and I’m ready.”

“Well I just want to brush my teeth and fix my hair.”  “Why do you always wait until the last-minute to get ready? You knew we were going and you should have been ready.” But it is too late she ran up the stairs calling out, “It will only take a minute.”  “Sure it will. Mom what is the matter with you. Is something wrong? You have been acting strange all day, humming and hawing and now you are pacing.  You in a hurry or what?” No answer came back. She squinted her eyes lowering her head.  “Mom we will get there don’t worry.”  Finally. “No it’s not that. I feel strange.  I  just don’t think it is a good night to go.”  She stood quietly looking out the window. “Mom never mind you will have fun, besides not only is it the progressive must go, it’s the double up bingo, the jackpot will be 2000 dollars, maybe we will win.”  But she stayed watching out the window, she said,   “I don’t know, he told me not to go tonight. He said we should stay away for a while.” And she turned to look at her.  “What! he is not going? Hurry-up Upstairs.”  And then she said, “he said he would come this time. Why would he change his mind and tell you and us not to go?”  ” Well, he changed his mind.  He said stay away from there for while and go to a movie or something.”  Her mother stood there looking like a child waiting and wanting for candy. “What about everybody else, are they still coming or what!” ” I don’t know I wasn’t talking to them I thought we would all meet here maybe talk about it and see if everybody wants to see a movie instead.”

She finally came down from the  beauty room  looking the same as when she went up.  [that was a nice waste of time.] ” So I’m ready,  are we ready, I’m ready  let’s go.”  “Yeah sure you’re ready, we stood at the door for 15 min. waiting for you and now mom doesn’t want to go.”  Everybody looked at everybody until she said. “Fine.  I said I was ready I’m sorry let’s go.”  She grabbed her coat saying, ” were not going to be late let’s go.” “Yeah well, just wait a minute. mom doesn’t want to go she wants to see a movie instead with us all.”  “No don’t do that mom. , come on.”  She hugged her mother. “It’s okay mom I’ll make you laugh, will have fun and will win lots of money.  So come on get happy let’s go.” “Okay  I just don’t feel right.”  “Come on, you’ll feel better when we get there, I’ll make you laugh in the car.”

Outside the air is dark and cool, the wind even had a howl blowing in it.  As they drove into town,  Miss beauty said, ” I can’t wait to see all the costumes and how many people dressed up for Halloween.  Too bad I forgot, you sould’ve reminded me.”  “You know what. I told you three times and you kept saying yeah maybe.  How many times do you want me to tell you things  before you remember.”

The drive into town took only 20 min., by the time they arrived it is 6:10. And, it is too late, all the people had the front tables, people were scattered all over the hall making it hard to find seats for seven people, six now, because maybe one wasn’t coming.

The hall is very noisy with people chatting everywhere.  And at least there is no lineup to stand-in while buying the cards.   The lady behind the counter asked, ” so what will it be today.”  “Just one book please.” Then the next seller, “How many?”  “I’ll take two of each please.”  This went on to the end of the line of buying cards until we were all finished now finding for a table.   Oh joy.

Wow they actually found tables near the back where three of them sat empty.  Sweet deal.  They placed some babblers in front of three seats including their own.  Then went for refreshments, everybody is happy even mother, to many costumes to look at, this gave her great pleasure causing her to forget what ever made her up-set in the first place.

It wasn’t long after that when she saw another sister showed up.  “Hey mom look.” This sister had long locks of curls which of course, they called her Jingles. Mother is happy to see that she made it, maybe the others will be coming after all.  “Is Bob, Gwen and Harvey still coming?”  “But of course. Didn’t he tell you?”  Mom shook her head lowering her brows.  Miss beauty made a commit on her costume saying she looked like a dead Nixon. Which she laughed saying, “thanks, that is what I was going for.”  “Yeah to bad I forgot. No body reminded me, or I would have dressed up.”  But her older sibling just shook her head not saying, “I told you three times.”  What for? She all ready did, it didn’t help.

The first game started. YIPPEE! They call the balls and you have to make an X to yell BINGO getting a win of one hundred dollars.

They played the first game and did not win. Miss Beauty is getting angry, cussing at the caller and calling her names. “Why are you getting so angry? Stop it. You are bring bad mojo.” “Fuck that shit.” she is angry.

The second game is about to start when she noticed that some very late comers arrived. “Holy cow. Six NIXONS just walked in.” ” Maybe they had a sale.” Miss beauty giggled. then she said. “Hey yeah Jingles, you must have been at the same sale.”  “Holy Jingles do you know them?”  “What? Who.” She looked around seeing the wise-guys. “Hey there they are.”  “What? You know them?” Mother looked ill.

Before anything else could be said, all chaos broke loose.

NO BODY MOVE!  Then the echoing sounds of double barrel shot guns being cocked caused some people to scream, others to yell out, others to stand up,  others to hide their purses or money bags.

Then voices yelling at everyone to shut-up and sit down and money is in the back!  Then one loud blast tearing a hole in the ceiling, followed by.


NOW!  Then three of the Nixon’s recocked their weapons causing the people to comply promptly. But still they cried,  we were all scared.

But mother jumped up raising her one hand up over her head as if to flag down a taxi in a rain storm. Then seconds later a spray of buck-shot drove her across the table. Before anything could be done, a raging scream of madness filled the air. “Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!” Followed by another blast of quick death. Ripping into the back of one of the Terrorist. The guy shot his own man tearing of his mask, jumping across tables to reach our mother.

Our mouths gaping as our brother Bob swooped down then held mother our mother, his mother, in his arms as he sobbed. “Why did you come!  I told you to see a movie. Why! Why”



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