NO>    I WAKE-UP AND READY MYSELF FOR SCHOOL BUT I DON’T KNOW WHY, NO ONE LIKES ME THERE.      Caps off! Sorry lets start again. I wake-up! WHY? Give me a reason why!

WAIT!   WHAT?   A reason? Do you need a reason why you wake? Or a reason why YOU FEEL people hate you.? A reason to live is you are different. The world needs different.

INTENTIONALLY KILLING YOURSELF?  MURDER!  It’s murder Murder is wrong. You know it.

You obviously have something to offer or people wouldn’t bother with you.

You may notice the other people around you, the ones nobody even looks at. The ones YOU DON’T EVEN CARE ABOUT>  What about them? The only difference is they don’t care who likes them or who don’t. They have other things on their minds. LEARNING.

We all have head problems  All of us  and  WE ALL say [ you don’t understand me] Each and every human on this Earth is guilty of saying this.


when I wake-up in the morning my mom does not say good-morning or hi, did you have a nice sleep, your lunch is on the counter, have a nice day dear.

She says, “did you brush your fucking teeth or comb your hair.?” What? “And when you get fucking home from school get the dishes washed and put away and take the fucking  garbage out!  I’m sick of you .  . . Blah blah blah   .” Yeah you’re so cool mom.

I despise her and my dad, he don’t say anything but “listen to your mother.” Sure it hurts. But    I DON’T WANT TO DIE.   I tell myself I will never treat my children this way. I can’t wait to pass grade twelve and get away from them.  BUT, I don’t want tot die.

Why?   Because I love singing, dancing, painting, I am good at running and jumping. I suck at Math and Spelling and History, Science and Geography. Frig I’m shy as hell and have no friends, I even eat my lunch in the bathroom stall.  But one day I want to be um, a singer, no a dancer, no I want to be a Doctor, no I want to be a movie maker. YES!.

But one thing for sure is this, I will not die for people who point at me, laugh at me spread crap about me, Because those ARE THE PEOPLE who when they grow up will have a hard life not me. I Want a child and I want to love it like I want to be loved.

It is not easy getting through school, to get your first job, get ones self established in life THEN . . .THEN let someone find you to love while you learn to understand yourself.

Step one is to like yourself

Step two love yourself

Step three HOPE is always there, just many many times it takes a long time to come around.   {When am I going to find hope} I can’t be bothered/What?  You’re not even good to you and you want other people to  be nice to you? How does that make sense.

Is SUICIDE my last hope?   No.

  • Suicide is an excuse!
  • Suicide, it is weak!
  • Suicide is you flaking out.
  • Suicide is lazy!

You think this killing yourself will hurt them?        YOU ARE WRONG!      They laugh and spread more shit.      Sure they think!   

They think what a coward you really are. Is suicide my last hope.?    No.  It’s false.

Suicide is a mind taker a thief a poison disease with no cure so don’t go there.




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