Poor sleeping habits

  • Eating lots before bed
  • Staying awake to watch television
  • Not being comfortable
  • Drinking tea or coffee after six PM.

I am sure there happen to be more reason sleep is a problem for many of us. But for now these habits are the most common problems.

I myself will say,  “Coffee  does not keep me awake.” It is 4:59 AM? Why am I awake? I will tell you why. “I did all three of the above things ending up with being very uncomfortable.”  I will also tell you that I do these very bad things every night, CAUSING poor sleeping habits.

I know it is very hard to not eat after six PM for thousands of people. Myself included.

I know when it is time for bed,[bed time], I do not go. I stay awake like many people.

I know not to have coffee after six but I like coffee and lie it does not keep ME awake.

What happens is, now I fall a sleep on the sofa watching something on the television after several hours of keeping myself awake, drinking coffee, then eating a toasted cheese sandwich ending with ice-cream I milk?

  • How am I to lay in comfort?
  • I can not!
  • I have indigestion causing an acid reflex with 5 pillows and twenty blankets!
  • I am wide awake asking myself why can’t I sleep?

I think I know why. Poor sleeping habits.100_2476



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