I. want an audience, no I don’t, yes I do. EAT THE RICH

  • Has any one ever asked you what you really wanted/ What you want out of life?
  •  Probably yes/ you can not make up your mind. You hesitate your first answer.
  • Then you thought/standing in wonder/convince your own self doubt.

Can you remember the first answer in your head, changing your mind, not knowing.

  • True!  or  Untrue  
  • Are you doing what you really want? 
  • Are you off to the side looking in.

I can not stand outside no longer. I have no choice but to honor my true answer.

I do I want an audience.  This is detrimental to mankind that you know I am here.

Is this a bad thing?  I can only hope for the best. laughter is essential to this life.

[Saying all this caused me to realize I did know what I wanted] And you should too.

My first answer I was shy of is, [there’s that word again} Audience.



  • Coy pee mee tie oh blay oak soyn ray echtasa Froplatson
  • Blay zambi tie echta uvarc wazota bo tie blayta oak.
  • Zap zert chow fee zoid greb blay.
  • Zap be joinsaw tie mast vest stem zoid.
  • blay zumi bo mee.
  • Zap fri tie zine.

Blay fee nangtoe drupe perseasa fine oak soyn must echta Forplatson echta uvarc upshot blay zert chow nacco bo

Blay fee crab frogbaresta tie faesaw bo

Coy zert fal larcaso blay goatay qualla bo zap fri tie zine>>>>>>This was sent world wide

But of course there is only one HUMAN to read or try to decipher this warning but he is unknown to mankind. This the language of the universe that which is given unto me that I tell you to save this planet earth. I too will go in search of others like me then find the folklorest or the pathologist of  language. It is said we have been here before the times.


It is said unto us there is a child

She must be saved from others like us

Only this child can save your Motherland should she live

It is not written as of yet how

Should this become the destruction of the child it will be written

  • You have twenty-seven days
  • They must kill to survive
  • You can not stop them
  • Eat the rich

This is as mush as I can say.  So tell me. . . Do I have an audience?








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