The Fastest way to loose weight story

The  fastest way to loose weight?  This was printed under a video picture, so sure I clicked on the add.  Little did I know I had to LISTEN to a voice talk and talk on for a half an hour before I clicked it off with out seeing anything.  I thought my brain was going to jump through the screen and break the video.

Half an hour wasted waiting endlessly for a show of FAST exercises to burn fat!

He talked how EVERY ONE teaching you how to loose weight is wrong. That endless hours of exercise is bad for you. That what weight you shed with them will only return. That his new way to Burn Fat doing something very fast is the way to loose and stay  lost.

How many different ways did he say the key is speed burning fat. I will tell you none!  He didn’t even say that, I did. But for 80 different ways he was talking about burning fat not touching any muscle mass. To stop what you are doing now and use his strategy of speed.

To bad, I was interested in trying out this weight loss program, but as it all turned out, not for a hundred, not for 60 but for 39.99 you can buy a tape or DVD.  WHAT?oct nov 2011 (40)

Crap, I was half starved by the time he finished talking, I think I lost 5lbs. lol not true but it sure felt like.

That was the longest fastest way to loose weight story I’ve listened to in a long time.

Don’t worry the cake can’t be that fattening it looks to fluffy.

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