Rules for everything, everywhere, world wide, even for writers trying to get noticed.

Rules are not easy at times giving us headaches like we are criminals acting all stealth trying to get one toe-nail in the door.    TOE-Nail?  Yes! Toenail. The doors are closed so tight you are screaming with joy for your toenail in the door.

But this is not good like you thought because now you are STUCK THERE!

Let me in let me out, my head hurts or my toe. I’m so confused.

They want this from you.

  1. A poster with a professional pitch.    Do you need an AGENT?
  2. Your pleasure composed into a Logline, Title and Synopsis that will tickle them.
  3. The most catching Title ever, blocking out hundreds of others, make yours shine.
  4. The most important 30 words creating a Logline that will lure them to you.
  5. YUCK! up to seven pages of detailed plots/illustrations/driving the characters deals, creating  three acts then splitting the first & second  act where there is vengefulness100_3215 , caring, wining losing. At this point I want my toenail free.  A WONDERFUL WORLD
  6. You need to select an honest place to protect all of your written work before you even try getting it out there.   They say there are places online/how safe is this?
  7. It is time for you to pitch your screenplay/book. So now you need a door and one box of band aids. There are thousands of people wanting their written work looked at hoping to get produced. So Where? There happen to be zillions of places online if you can get in there.
  8. They say enter contests, at least you will/ maybe get recognized.
  9. It is like a roller coaster up & down. But the best poster picture wins. You just hope it does not look like anything else ever!

Rules and more rules for writers.  No crying No Stalking No killing. Just follow the RULES.

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