Well this is just the thing. I can not find any spot to make a marking.

Where do I find about? I found it before, rather it was just there for me to explain what I am about.  Oh silly me sounding like a girl again.  Must be the inner me. A little girly girl. “The dog ate my slipper.”   Don’t worry you will get another slipper.. “But you don’t understand, I was my glass slipper.”  So go cry then.  But leave us. We need to know about MYRITINGBOARD.

“So what about it pray tell.’

“It changed.”

“Did it now, into what? A playing field?”

“Can you see the look on my face! I am serious! People should know about myritingboard! You. What do you know. You’re just a piece of meat!”

“Hey calm down now, I will toss you an ink jar. You can colour your world into anything you’d like.”

“Please life is changing about me I must change about me too.  Myritingboard is about telling it straight. life is like that. Straight.”

“Don’t you mean the earth is round?”

“What is this earth? I am talking life! I am telling you I am thestorytaler and I will tell you the story straight the way it is, no back-outs no cop-outs no escape from the way life is.”

“So this is what you are saying you are about? Telling tales the way they go down with your ritingboard.”

“Yes myritingboard, you have it so.”

“Hum, can I leave now?”

“With my honor. But not without telling you there should be a page about, ABOUT.”






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