enough to get body searched. CAPS OFF

What a joyful day.  I thought I would go out and see the Crowed. HEY! Hello, it has been quite some time. But here I am. Out and free. ready to have some fun. FUN!  Yippee, it has been way to long for me. Jump’ens he rubs his hands. I should cut my finger nails, they may get broke. I don’t know how…. But I will cut them just the same. And clothes>  ?A huge question mark!  What do they even wear out there any more! I know NO CAMELS parking in the rear. that’s a little far back even for me.. FRENCH!

Wiseman say sometime not enough time so on time is too late unless time given is before hand, [ and this comes right from my own head.}>unless forced.  He finished cutting his nails stopping with an actual washing of the hands, drying them well leaving no dampness. People don’t know how important drying the whole body is. He is dry from head to toe.  lama coy stampout greb bolsa scartoi.

The CHALLENGE bastard. Now I have to go in search of clothes to fit into any crowed place I choose fit? And what is a fit place for me to be in? I never leave the house. okay shop. Work. where else should I go? Church? I don’t think so….The doors are always locked when I feel like I should go to church. And that is not often. One other known fact besides the locked doors after sundown, is, groups! each church has its own congregation. The whole place turns to watch you walk in. Holy every glare is full of taunting wisps, asking who you are why are you in here? Now they ALL want to know your name where are you from, are there others?  You wouldn’t catch me in any church unless Santa is in there and I can sit on his lap and cry, I have been soooooo bad!  Santa I want toys. This is just a thought I have that derives, from this whole fiasco of looking for a SAFE ENVIROMENT to have a fun night out.  RED? Should I wear red? RED!  red pants? red Top? Why red anyways. Red. This is not a good idea…People might think I am Santa and come to me. That would be funny ay? NACCO, I’m not Santa, get off my lap and sit down. Or go home. And that is too much fun for me to fast.  Light blue jeans, with just the right amount of bulge. Hum, looks good to me even if I do say so myself….Arms in or out.

A wise man would say to enter into the unknown with arms out is to have control in one’s ability. Yeah well I’m not going out to look for a fight. I want to sing!  KARAOKE ALL NIGHT LONG. All night. safe. not having to worry If I put on the right clothes. He looked back over the choice of colorful rags to pick from blowing in the warm soft air hanging on the clothes-line. With a snort he choose the dark green shiny shirt. wow it shone in the sun he never seen anything like it, and thought the white dress pants matched. No need for socks he had boots on.  Really pointy cow-boy boots with shiny gadgets on the toes and heals and spurs, he clicked when he walked on stone or wood or cement. Hell the boots only came off then new clothes were needed.

And that no body is in the house. It’s a good place to dress and see in the mirror how good he would look. He did I did and I love it.  The sleeves were rolled nicely half way up the fore arm. Satisfied. He can smell a scent luring him to find for it. Finding a plastic bottle he opened this spilling some to his hands.  Kind of a rugged smell engulfed his nostrils causing this wetness to be dumped on his head.  Awe this  is tasteful to the nose and liking what he saw in the looking-glass.  Yes I Am going out for fun to dance to sing to drink what they drink, to fall down getting back up to laugh doing some more until the end. Learning to fit in. Oak la doid.

Through the woods on the walk into the city town limit is a beautiful sight to behold.  The wonders of the smallest things are incredible to the eye seeing they exist. The trees the shadows being forced to creep its way along with you or there waiting for you., but always barren of human life. Every step of the way the scenery  continues to shows no evidence of mankind. Just a pureness of goodness storming a magnificent peace where the smallest of noises tear ripples through your core.  now there is a volt for you. ZAP!  To bad though, never a noise to be heard just the sound of your own feet crunching snapping dry twigs, holy old breath even. Crazy how no sound will affect minds.  I recognize that clothes line over there, he snorts out a laugh and that echoed. Now standing still for a heavy weighed minute hoping nothing heard this silly little sound. let that escape didn’t I. Now biting down his thoughts calming nerves readying his journey into the city. Every other day travel into the city differs, well life is hard for some. So moving is a must.

A wise man would say,  take what you can, when you can take it before the choice leaves, you like that stop take it.

This walk is turning out to be longer than remembered. There should be a tiny brook over to my right up ahead. The sun strong enough to light the whole forest under its thicken wood. A blanket of greenery acting as roof tops still allowed the rays to heat the flesh, time will be used to replenish Foy scartoi boyces tie rateit. The pure river water is desired and well needed anyway, you can never have to much replenishing. what if you couldn’t get replenished for days? You would be tired, weak, sore, Blah.,  then what good are you?, none! Not even for yourself. I have no time for correcting mistakes only learning from them. hopefully happily without bother is best. Education is not always easy or easy to understand. Two many rules I’d say if its a pear why then is it a pair or pare why why  why how and who? Why does it half to be two to or too. I don’t know and this daily thing of learning can cause humans to drink and that they do., that and have sex making it easy got get. Humans call this love when it not taken. take ye not what ye shall not have given unto you. If I said it up side down, inside out or backwards I have said why its true to me.  Awe yes! The smell of fresh water joined by the trickling sound of the wet coolness, seconds later he lay flat on his face drinking in the supple nutrition.  Soon he rolled over to his back side smiling out a facial feature showing, I did it again face scrunch expression with the biggest smirk shining from his silent mouth remembering  the shoes. Humans are so silly especially ladies. Dress undress such a waste of time just to feed the body. The clothes always dry before the city and smell like pure nature. Zoid vest oak la doid.

He dressed and undressed six times keeping the green and white outfit. And by the time the bar is in sight he is dry and smelling so whole-some. Always take moments for yourself to compile strategies before entering the unknown. Never just barge in leaving your wits behind. just relax under the shade of this tree. Shake yourself off, fix your hair. They like this. Apparently both sex enjoy seeing a nice head of hair. Clean vibrant odor.  Then we walk across the field like we do this everyday gathering form, and confidence all the way to the building, with people watching you wondering who this may be, never seen him before look, giving whispers or chatter that I can hear. FRENCH! I took off my cap for seconds to scratch my head.

Wow people look at all the heads, people, heads, wow lots I did not care. I still want to sing. I wave my hand for attention. “Where do I get this drink.”  This causes a ruckus its a long running bar. But I do not know. “What the fuck someone says, did you just get off  your mother’s tit! The laughter directed at me caused my silliness to play. “Yes! This is it.” I called back. “The tit of a mother I came from.” They laughed he laughed. This is good learning the language. “What will it be. Beer whiskey wine.?” “Yes beer whiskey wine. I will take this.” Several  patriot’s found this amusing some sneered. The bar-keep wondered, “You running a tab?” ‘”Running a tab.” He searched the room listening, then, “No running Safe here.” The keep raised his one brow, “You start with a beer then.” “Start with a beer then. Where can I sing.” The bar maid points to the other side of the room. “Over there behind the wall. Pick your song jot your name have a seat wait. Big Jim will call you when your time is up.” “If my time is up how can I sing?” “You okay buddy.”  “I will be if Big Jim calls me before my time is up.” I rolled my eyes wondering why. Why call somebody if the time is up. “Your to late.” He found this be funny to his mind. His fun became interrupted as the human beside him ask. “Are you talking to yourself?” to learn he repeated this statement back to the man. “Are you talking to yourself?” The guy said in return, “I’m not even talking.” Looking into the eyes watching me I told him “I can hear you, but it’s no big deal I just want to sing. It must be a message for me to find a place to stand or sit, a table for me., maybe others like me will come.

He did not like the beer much, but adjusting to this warmed his blood. He watched people drink, dance, sing, play a game they called pool, fight, argue and touch one another, while he laughed and wondered, he bounced along with the music having fun. Then he heard the name Jean-Guy being called to sing.,  the big moment., what an honor. He smiled and clicked all the way to the man with the microphone. This is when the people, even him, could hear click click click click click  all across the dance floor.  “Hello! And who do we have here.” He is handed the MIC. “This is good. I am Jean-Guy rubber boot. I am here to help you, wait no. To sing and fall down.”  people laughed people booed, people yelled confidence. “I am here to live with you., no wait. Not with you for you.”  “Shut the fuck up and sing.”  “Piss or get off the pot!” someone else yelled.

He sang twinkle twinkle little star. Even the drunk men fell silent. The song drifted in and out in and out of ears listening to its luring lullaby.

Twinkle.   Twinkle.  Little star.   How they,  wonder,  who we are.

Up above. the earth, so high. Down to ground so no one dies.

Twinkle twinkle burning light we came to earth to help you fight.

Nobody moved or said a word for a few seconds then all noise commenced.  “Buy the bastard a drink and shut him up.” Then,  “I can’t take anymore let me sing.” Someone else yelled. “Fun all around.” Jean-guy called out. “Hip hip hooray.” {He saw this on a TV show the other day.} I still had the microphone then the man took it away from me saying.  “I’m not sure what just happened, but give the guy a hand.” Of course laughter and clapping mixed with cheers filled every corner of the establishment with fun.  “Yes just what I came for.”  When I went to my place, the table I picked to not bother someone, someone was there. A Girl. “Can I sit here”, she smiled. But I was taken over by the whites of her eyes. They were pure of the brightest white known to mankind. She touched my shoulder asking again. “Have your own pleasure.” She said. “Do you come here often?” “Of course I do not! I come from your mothers tit. Any man will tell you so.”  Of course I cheered this.  “Do you have a dollar.” This did not please her, but she gave me the coin. I went to place the dollar on the pool table.

It was not long before more people came to my table where we all laughed to each other making fun., they bought me drinks laughing every time one would say down the hatch drinking in one swallow all the liquid from the tiny glass.  Then it became true, I fell down but they stood me back. “More more drink more.” I needed water. Maybe it is time to leave this place of learning for this night, water is now important. But then I got out the door someone wanted me to try sucking on this funny fag they called it., it made my head spin but heightened everything around me.  It made these lunges choke out shit but “More they said more.” I could not do more without dying, wheezing, water I need water. They put the fag in my pocket, “you will need this later”, they said.  “No I need water.”

The bartender came to my rescue with the girl with the bright eyes. They put water down my throat, I coughed and choked,  “please stop., this is poison.” Some one called the national guard, so I thought, but it is just four men with badges and hats. They man-handled this body patting it down yelling “Who is your dealer.” “I did not play tonight,” is my answer, this bothered him, shaking me then placing cold steel bracelets on me, two of us anyway. I did not know the lady in the pink suit beside me.  She quickly said, “Hey do you know you have enough on you to get stripped body searched? And when they take their caps it’s time for you to go!”  I shook my sore head.  “They make you take your clothes off.”  “What? These are my clothes.”  “They don’t keep them, they just make you undress while they watch you then touch you places down there looking for shit. Most of the time they make you do the touching.”  This can not be. Why do they want to take the clothes? The line is there for every one to see. And this flesh is itchy. I need go get to fresh river water. Quickly in his head, he went over some of the language he learned tonight hoping all the wrongs he may have caused would be happily fixed.

Finally the officer came to me.

“What is your name!”

“Are you talking to yourself.” I Impressed with myself. He annoyingly asked again.

“I am Jean-Guy rubber boot.”     He look at me then marked on some paper.

“Do you live around here.”  I know this one I thought.

“No not here., but there.” I pointed to the now darken woods. He marked in the book again.

“Oh really. What brought you here tonight?” I smiled. Able to converse.

“Are you running a tab?”

“We can play this my way or the hard way.  The red-faced Officer said.  “Are you hiding anything on your person tonight sir.”

“Just enough to get body searched.” I am proud talking English. Proud to be a fast learner.

Where do you come from!”

“This is easy, I come from your mother’s tit. Lets go!  Caps off!”

I got to sleep naked after they took my clothes and made me turn my head to cough. This is a lesson for me not to drink and smoke learning the English language to help others like me. They will come soon I100_3133 feel the waves in the air but can not hear them.










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