Hello.  Hello today. It’s April 2017, 25. Wow, were moving on quickly.

So far the more I try the more trouble I get into. I must learn to how not to allow being told what to do, day in day out, do do do this  do that! I need to do what I do.  I have learned this behavior is taking myself away from me. I think I’m building a little black dot, way back in the corner of my head.  { But in this, case do I give warning?}

  • Do I tell people that they are causing a take-over to manifest.
  • That I am angered.
  • That I like doing things my way.

I will do what ever for you I will help you where you need but I too want and need >me. I too like you,  have means that are my way.

And quite frankly I am having trouble keeping this flesh moist. The chemicals  in your water burn my skin and weakens this core. This is bad for me now this three days on your planet is a slow poison. I urgently have the need to flee this family I came into, fear I do gravely acts to stay alive. [If  this body dies] I must MORPH. Black or red.

This place I am in is laden with dust. This dust is home to mites. They are starting to eat at this body’s skin, causing me to scratch and scratch.  This does not look good amongst you, scratching and scratching, cause every one to watch.  this human said to me, “are you lousy?”  But.,  “yes, so you can see them eating me.” he said no more but I saw on his face he carried disgust. I feel scaly.

Actually there is option three. To Burnout! But this is the end of life as I came to know it.

I love life I want to live like you. Why should I die. I did not ask to come to this earth, your rocket science brought some of us back. But not me, like others sent to help. I am not them, yet should I choose,  I too can Morph.! But I choose to stay this body and live among you for the days that I can.

For the sake of humanity my choice is to burnout war, should it be called upon.

I am here to help save your world. I wouldn’t want to live here anyway, you have shit for water. I have to leave this place this family that I came to love. I know it has only been days but she was /is good to me. I won’t remember them after a while anyway, that part is dying. I need meat. Raw meat. This family is in danger from me. I must leave now.

The road ahead will be deeply hazardous to my being. Should I make my way out of this city to find PURE RIVER WATER > it will truly be a gift from the heavens.

When I succeed the next step is to find more like me, we need to gather.

When Kristal came home from work she found the note.


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