It is I, your THETALER. I’m in the bar.

You know who I am, THETALER OF ALL TIMES. I have stepped forward onto your earth. You need me, us, you are at risk from this day forth-I can only say to you. For this is none of my fault, This is. Your, doing. Well not all of mankind., but most of you world wide-caused our ripple of destruction. [see the word]  SARGATE/ Blay zumi bo mee> , You caused a crack from earth to mars from mars to earth. You are under attack!,

But of course who is going to take heed from my words and get to the cities!

WORLD WIDE was given nangto drupe perseasa  tie zine.

  1. There is a child
  2. She must be saved
  3. I need to learn.

Then. “Take another drink! Play some music!, Or Shut the hell-up! Tell me where you are from!” An angry drunk man yelled at Jean to shut-up, causing the place to sit still.

The funny little guy made his way across the floor followed by the click click clicking singing from his cow-boy boots. You can bet everybody watched. > What the hell, the guy is hilarious. keeps me coming to this drinking hole way out-side the city limits. > I can tell you, so do many of these customers. They even bring their friends just for a laugh at this guy. But it also goes to say several of these drinkers have never met the guy. The clicking stopped. All eyes upon him, waiting watching like the first time seeing a MASTER SHARK jumping at you right NOW! No body drank., it seemed odd that even the jukebox finished its last song! Time stopped! Then CRACK! just like that, silence broke.

“I am Jean-Guy Rubber-Boot! They tell me I come from your mother’s tit! Are you running a tab.”  Laughter nothing but laughter could be heard.

Then just like that, he turned clicking his way back to his spot drank a drink then asked the bar-keep for a dollar for the pool-table.  “You rack’em I stack’em.”  He placed his dollar on the table. But the same man bellowed again. “What the fuck! Who does this clown think he is.?” He stood-up from where he sat doing his best to maintain his balance, “Play some music! Where did that guy go. I wanna buy him a drink., A round for everyone.”   Shouts and yammering chatters and cheers ate up all space.

“Who are you really?”  I said, he looked into my eyes. “There was a Roy in my head.” He put his attention to a shot-glass he is holding.   “I am RIGEL, one of the brightest stars in your universe.”   Some how Jean-Guy R.B. had a hold of a 40 ounce bottle of whiskey pouring a shot. Of course he offered me one. Yes I took it. We laughed, down the hatch. I needed more Information, I can tell you it was the most fun I had in a long time. Of course when he talked of this world coming to an end, I entered more dialogue to my chronicles of this nature.  I can tell you as I was in the city yesterday, keeping an eye on a strange woman sing songs of the end. Stay out of the wind she sang.  I wonder if these two know each other?

I myself have seen red over the horizon two nights ago but I have no explanation as of yet. I have recorded this happening as coming in intervals of three, then it was over.  The cause is unknown, further investigating is needed. But as far as I could tell it came far from the country’s outer edges.

The time is late early hours of the morning, 1:49am so for this night I am packing it in and will drive back to the city to return again.

When I let the establishment every-one was hanging in for last call on the alcohol. Jean-Guy  is still talking of the earth’s destruction in 25 more days. “Give it a rest Joe. Fuck look at him . . .He’s a fucking bum. Fuck, drink or go home. Who the fuck is he bothering. You fuck? You’re buying him drinks all night. Leave the fucking guy a lone.”  Ray went to the jukebox.

Things were still going strong with much fun, when I left the bar. I could tell the rest of the night in that establishment will be safe.  But as I leave the place behind all the red flashes in the wooded area sparked off in the thicket. I can tell by the diameter of the radiant glow this to be their resting spot for this time.  The bar is safe for now.

















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