via Daily Prompt: Roots So here we go again. How many times have you moved us. How may times do I adjust. From months on you gave me away then I was taken. Lost but found in an orphanage by the time I became three.

Heave-hoe the work would go, pushing and pulling, remember the day. Then sleepless nights when he would play, many times interrupting the days play, remember the day.

You came to take me in my seventh year,  I remember the train ride to Montreal.

Six other children, and one on the way, another girl. Remember the baby boy cried.

Now I’m twelve we move.  Thirteen we move again. Fourteen we leave this city , remember the country. The old barn. Empty.

This did not keep us long we moved more, then again, remember the CHILDREN’S AID SOCIETY. Remember they labeled us thieves placing us here there. For get us.

Now I am seventeen, somewhat free but no place to plant my feet. Remember seven more moves, the age of nineteen searching, where are my ROOTS.2014-09-16-001.jpg

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