I have prayed to my Lord, asking that a good man find me, like me, a man to Love me. A decent man to marry me. I also agreed my sibling pray for my hope.

After a while I forgot to ask God to see me down here waiting for love to just find me. What is that people say!? Love does not find people. people go find love!  <French> It’s the same thing. So Yes, I will wait for love to find me. I pray for real love to find me, plus I believe my sibling  prayers. I believe in the power of prayer.  It makes perfect since. > somepeople say> it’s all a big magnet drawing in energy < – So all that concentration at once causes a cosmic interruption sending electrical volts to heavens door-bell.

March or April this year 2017 I told my sister I wanted to get married again. “Why?”

ANSWER> I always wanted to be a wife. A wife with kids. A wife with children and a husband.  I didn’t ask for anything more.

Hell. I even bring stories to life [adding] LOVE. Love love love.  And now here I am trying to explain why I need this companionship all of a sudden. My older sister wants to know why I want The Lord to send me a man. Because is all that I said. Because. Why can’t I be happily married too. Why can’t I love a man and a man love me too. I want to cook and clean and take care of a man like all woman do.



[I do not wish to be the cause, of another bra burning bash, violating  the “TRUMP NEWS” Not the president, the man of the hour, now!


  • Anyway none the less the phone rings a few days ago.
  • It was a very old family friend.
  • He came to visit this very day.

Is this my ?, was he sent to me? Did he find me while he was out looking for love? Did Love just find me or it’s all, just coincidentally, out of the blue, after 27 years, he calls.

Am I to believe now that love can find you.

The phone rang two-hours ago.  He tells he was drawn to me and wants my permission to give my name to a reader, to see if we are compatible. . What is this I ask you.  A Fortune teller to see if we are compatible?   “Quote.” He’s going to tell you this name has a triple personality but you will be perfectly safe. [happy he found this statement amusing]. Again I said. “Quote!” , how can you pray to god and ask him for rain, then go to a future teller for love? That’s not okay.” Of course he wanted to know why I thought the way I did.

Answer > Because the Bible says so.

He said it is to at least see if we are compatible. “Okay, okay I said. But I do not want to know my future! > My mother even said it is bad to know.<

The Lord answered my prayer, now will I botch things up with my {allities?} all three? I can only say, poor guy, cause it is not easy living with one person not three in one. even though she sais with a smile, you’re safe. Now I laugh.

He even wants to save the trees. I love trees!  Tree or three how many do you want. FRENCH.  I say French because the French swear and I don’t swear, so French.

So naturally, I told him, odd, that I have been praying a man sent to love me and marry me for ever. That my sister is praying for me as well. [He rather liked this], so did I. We actually talked for a while setting a date to meet at an eatery, discussing his great find with his TELLER just using my name? I hope this does not scare the teller.

Laughing some more.   All in a name they say.  French!

What is my triple-personality going to do now.

Jump ins.

He told me all about his work at his first visit. So I ran to get all my, work, placing it down in front of him. He is impressed. I only smile.

It was not long a half an hour visit. He had to go. My mind told me it was a cheap visit indeed. ? half an hour.   But my heart told me he made flight because all the kids were all over him so were the dogs and. A bit to much isn’t. YES indeed it is.

When I hugged him good bye, it felt like the hello hug.  A brick wall. A strong man a working man I asked of my Lord. Then I find myself telling the Lord that I can’t even call him and apologise for all the commotion.  I don’t even know how to spell his last name or the town city or place he comes form. I didn’t think to ask? I just fell into his stories and showed him my written stories then he was gone.  Again I asked the Lord, how do I even find him back?

Seriously I found it, but to afraid to use it. Am I a stocker now? Will he think me mad? I don’t know, but I don’t want him to think I am crazy.  So I just went on with my usual blogging stuff complaining to the Lord who else >

then just like that the phone rang <>Him asking to make plans meeting at an eatery.

Now I’m left here with my mind.



















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