“Grandpa why are poor people sad they have no money.”

What kind of question it that. Yup, laugh.

“Well grandpa I just want to know why some people get so crazy cos they have no money? Don’t they even know they don’t have to pay tax?  My friend’s dad has lots of money and he has to pay tax to the Government and it’s his own money. That doesn’t make any sense to me grandpa.  I just don’t get it. If it is his money, then why grandpa, why does he have to pay money to have money.”

Listen kid why don’t you go out side for ten minutes and get some air.

“Grandpa. I don’t want to go outside for ten minutes.”

And I don’t want to answer your question.

“Well come on there grandpa, how am I suppose to learn if you don’t teach me.

I teach you lots of things kid just not stuff like that.

“Well what if I want to grow up and do nothing, then I won’t have to pay tax on working hard everyday to make money.

Now how dumb is that kid how are you going to eat or anything.

“No grandpa, I stay with you.  And Sally said her dad made them all go poor,  because he didn’t have money to pay [money tax]. Sally said her dad worked really hard everyday. And now grandpa, they don’t have a house anymore.”

You want them all to come here?”

“Grandpa, no, stop, you’re making me start to laugh.  Sally has to live with her uncle. She told me she hates her uncle…

Listen kid.  Get outside and roll around in the mud or climb a tree but get out of my way.

“Okay grandpa, but just tell me.”

  1. Sure for 50 cents.
  2. Then ten more cents for the fifty-cents.
  3. Now get out of my way.

“Grandpa I don’t have fifty-cents, and why 10 cents more?”

In case you want your 50 cents back I’ll still have 10.


So you can keep it.

“But grandpa…”

That’s just the way it is kid, so slap yourself to the back door and open it for me.

  • Yup here we go.
  • knock yourself out laughing.
  • Maybe learn to laugh with your eyes opened and your mouth shut.

“Grandpa I can’t help it, it’s your face. You did this with your face.”

  1. Yup okay fall.
  2. Then make me trip.
  3. Then laugh more if I brake something.

“Grandpa, it’s all good, let me carry this for you. I don’t want you to fall.”

If it will help get rid of you take it. Laundry room is that way.

“Cool grandpa, give me the basket so you won’t fall down.”

Yeah, here take it. Now go sing a song for about an hour.

“Oh grandpa you’re so funny. I love being with you.”

Yup. You’re a good kid. A little odd, but I’ll take it.

“So grandpa, about the taxes…?”







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