Things started out seemingly normal, then getting dressed and readying myself for the day’s out-line, of, well needed house-hold chores. Oddly enough; I am unaware the planned out list of any, chores are slowly being backed-up by, the more ramblings going on in the mind, creating unnecessary chores, so everything else is, has vanished!

What should I wear today,  became the new quest.

This activity can take a good hour or less, depending on eyeing the chosen attire twice.

Then during the decision as to what to wear, things started creating patterns of ideas upon ideas, colliding with interruptions of new thoughts. Then.

  1. Hey a yard sale
  2. Might be a good idea

Absolutely no time is wasted there<joke>there goes another hour or less. It went something like this: Thoughts, trying on clothes, laughing at memories of when that piece of clothes was worn last, should I keep it, should I get rid of it, try it on again. Big decisions had to be made..  Then some where during all this, the brain took it upon its self to start poking at he mind, “hey what did you see when you looked out the window?”. But why the window?  What’s so important about the window, the mind is wandering,, then a thought other than a chore comes out.  “It’s beyond me as to why, people find the need to muddle around in yards sales buying other people’s unwanted things. Treasure. Stuff.

  1. It is called treasure idiot.
  2. Yeah some bodies junk.
  3. I’m already in the parking lot so there

Every thought of cleaning and fixing up things and blogging, flew out the door and went treasure hunting.  The money spent?  $2.65 cents.   “Who sells their blue-boy picture! A victorious day I’d rather say.”

Wow 2 Pictures of  two ships, somebody took the time to ink-draw. Great find! {Canadian & German}The GOECH FOCK and The BLACK JACK.. Beautiful work.  “How could anyone sell these?” >See if I can jew them down, became the new chore. Try to find the best stuff here before someone else gets it.>My brain told me I really wanted to have the ships. I see two girls and a lady laughing with the seller about this odd coiled tool. She asked, “what is this?” the guy tells her, “a great conversation piece.” I take a look and YES! IT IS! What is it, I don’t know but I suddenly want it. I hope they don’t buy it.  But the lady picks it up, gives it a couple of squeeses, after the girls leave, puts it down. That was close. My chance.

Funny though, the question is asked for the two ship fashioned out of ink.

How much?

“One dollar.”

One dollar, for both of them ?

“Okay a dollar each.”

Sold!  Two dollars it is. and this, I want it. What is this. I hand pump this thing. How much?   “25 cents.”   Sweet! And what’s in this little box? “Nut crackers.” Sweet how much? Now I’ll have to go find some nuts. I laughed, they gazed at me in silence. Made me laugh more. Then I saw this unopened comdination lock, wow ten-cents. I took it. Then I spy, my little eye catches hold of this hand held tool with a curved end. I needed to ask. Is this a labotomy tool, I want it too, how much? TEN-CENTS? I said. What is wrong with you people? How are you going to make any money if everything is ten cents, 25 cents. A young girl steps forward. “We just want to get rid of this, stuff.” I looked around. Then  begged myself to leave. Go Home! Wait. How much for this rooster. “Twenty-five cents”. YES! I Pay and I do leave.

{Frig I could have had them both for a dollar! What’s the matter with me. Freaking stupid. Not really. Kind. I think I did a kind thing.  These kids are trying to raise money for something.  Whoopee so I paid an extra dollar. I am very, very pleased} <>All this thinking went on AFTER Laughing my way out of the parking lot with all my TREASURES. Stuff. Somebody else’s things.   My mind is chatting Holy, I got the BLUE BOY picture. The girl in pink? I don’t know who she is. She came with the blue boy. Holy, labotomy tools, frig 10 cents. I’m thinking, freaking wow. Two awesome Ships!, the penmanship alone is nuts, freaking awesome work.  And that springy thing, what ever it is. >Thanks for looking out the window. No thanks for remembering what caught your eye. No thanks for taking me out the door.   Then, that poking thought at the back of my mind finally, made it to the front of the brain, {how much? One dollar!} How did it become two? I laughed so hard realizing I did it myself. “How much are these pictures, one dollar. One dollar? How much are these pictures, one dollar. Fine then two. I am not a good jew’er after all.   “Big deal, so I got fun things for $2.65 cents. And yes, I did look back a few times, to see if anyone is watching my exit in laughter across the lot.    Then. Just like that. The walk back home became quite annoying causing a bad reaction from this huge interruption of planned-out house-cleaning.  {Something like this}.

  1. Gross
  2. Freaking mites
  3. Now I need to wash and change my clothes.
  4. Freaking scratching all over the place
  5. I got to wash this shit man
  6. Freaking piss me off, had a shower last night.

There goes any chores for this day planned-out for good, for sure. Every thing from the yard sale, is carefully placed in the wash-bin in the kitchen sink.. Of course each and every item is touched and spoken to or at, while readying the sink to disinfect mites off all these dumb things I, for some reason had to have, now being comprmised.

You guessed it…

This washing-up has been compromised!, Put on-hold!.  Because Pictures, of all this stuff had to be done, so looking for any camera in the place needs to be carried-out.  Then something else came up>The need to de-mite my hands, face and hair is urgent!

NOTHING IS GETTING DONE.  I showered, I cleaned, I ate. Then my brain asked a question.

Are you back?

“What made you ask that”

All this shit going on, what the crap?

Well, I got ship pictures. And lobotomy tools. lol.  I got cool stuff, it was a good day.



Now all this stuff sits in my home cluttered and dusty but loved somehow. The chores are still waiting.



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