Improper eating habits is when you wait to long to eat. > This causes you to put anything in your face just to keep you from puking up bile which {burns holes in your stomach and helps rot teeth.} or almost passing out due to lack of nutrients in your blood needing to feed your brain, or just lazy and eat a bag of potato chips instead of an apple while you cook a warm meal for your body, > allowing you to move.

As soon as you feel hungry go prepare a healthy meal.  Better yet plan a schedule cooking routine stopping what you at doing to feed your face.

Improper eating habits is when you eat on the run or standing around. This is bad because while you are keeping your mind busy, your mind is not paying attention to what ever you are tossing down your throat so the mush is not processed properly causing you problems with your bowels by not digesting proper, and your mind will not remember siting and eating anything so it will trigger a hunger.

Bring food with you when you leave the house so you can sit for 5 minutes. FIVE minutes will do a great deal for the body while you sit and gobble fuel.

Improper eating habits is forgetting to drink WATER!



WATER WATER, WATER! {Before your food during your food and after your food.




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