Not unanswered prayers, just slow coming. I don’t understand you don’t understand  what GOD can do,  all at once in the blink of an eye, or two or three things at a time or what do we humans think GOD should do?

Prayers get answered just not always in the nick of time, that’s just the way it goes. Take a wish for instance. Tell me, just who do you think is responsible for granting that wish/ GOD? Genies are for wishes not GOD. Even the cartoons TELL YOU.  I’m sorry to have to say that I do understand why you may believe GOD is in charge of wishes too. Did GOD create genies, then he created you and me.

I asked GOD to send me my friend.  I have not seen or spoken to my friend with in four years., I was angry, disappointed, I did not want to ever lay my eyes on that friend. But then just like that I was not up-set anymore.  so I prayed asking GOD to see my friend.

A couple of days went by, where is my friend God?

After a while I came to realize my friend is not just going to show up at my door after four years of me, acting like a kid, I don’t like you. But now I want to be with my friend, so how come you did not go get her God, I’m talking to you.

See I understand your answer will be because GOD is god man, he can do anything he wants and he is suppose to!

But what you are really saying is, you expect God to say “YOU. STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND GO VISIT THAT PERSON WHO DOESN’T LIKE YOU ANYMORE!


But that we are human, if GOD all of a sudden started talking to you and only you, you would be afraid.   I understand many people believe he should. But he is not allowed to just start talking to you or me out loud.

[I’s not my fault you can’t hear God talking, he’s talking to me, not you.]

I kept my old friend in my heart for about a month thinking all the fun we had, then I found myself  telling God that I am sorry and I forgive.  Two days later, then this very eve,  we see each other. I loudly said “Hey hello.”

Thank-you my LORD.


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