He said, so I heard you had a self-conscious problem.
She said, It’s not what you think so it really does not matter to me what you heard.
He said, I didn’t ask you for your life story, I just said I heard some shit.
She said, Well, where I come from, self-conscious and shit don’t sound anything a like.
He said, well then, be like that. I just wanted to meet you.
She said, by telling me something you heard about me?
He said, It worked.
She smiled saying nothing.
He said, so are you?
Are you what she said.
He said, self-conscious. then he waited for her to speak.
She said, you mean shy, yes I am shy to a point. If I have to knock you out I don’t see a problem.

The whole place became quite, Everyone waited for any response, from either one of them. Then Just like that he said, bar-keep a round for everyone. Then he said to her, so, are you going to beat me up?
She laughed. He said, are you okay? She laughed more. He said, I’m afraid.
She said, please stop talking.
He said, see how you are.


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