I joined WORDPRESS.COM MARCH 2017 and I just came across my dashboard, it was an accident. This was happy for me but because I know myself sometimes and after the initial shock of realizing that I do have a dash-board, I saved it under favorites.

Dashboard. Why is it called DASH?

Jumping at it, with a powerful lunge, dashing through the snow, you click that icon on your board. Your dashboard.

Anyway today August 14th 2017 on a Monday is a beautiful day out side. The weather is breezy with a nice jaunty air. Good day for painting  the weathered eves trough but not by me.

I love trees with their many shapes and forms showing off their beautiful colours adorn, swaying with the breeze giving us warning before the storms, sheltering us from the burning rays of the sun and so much more, I love trees.




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