I am a good runner, I see myself way ahead of everyone else. But that was back then.  Nothing could stop me not even the wind. But that was, back then

The faster I ran the pavement could not be felt anymore. But that was back then.              It was like running on air.

I ran  until my stomach ached, I ran until I could not run no more. But that was back then.    Back then I had performance agility and style.

Now I can only dream of running while trying to keep an orderly work space!  I  never found or took time to organize paper work. not even in school! Once the pencil work is finished I am out of there.  Sports cleaning and dishes.

Now everything is up-side-down, paper work drifting all over the place I can’t put anything more down, well I can but look at the piles then!  No secretary here boys, ship to shore and get me out of here.

Now the winds blowing papers a flowing flit000_0889-1tering and flying about the room.

Then stop and shut the window, she said.

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