Silent tears? Yes today I am crying something I have not done in years upon years.  Sobbing like a small child all because someone knocked my 25 years hanging Elephants off the wall smashing them without any care or concern what so ever. It hurts my heart right down to my soul.  These three Elephants are gifts from special people. I see them all smashed and laying there like some bodies garbage.

Why am I crying so hard?

  • Because they are broke?
  • Because they hung for 25 years?
  • Because they are from special people in my past?
  • Because the perpetrator doesn’t care?

Could it be something all together different and I am using this point to break?  I don’t know but I do know these gifts were mine. I don’t have much now I don’t have them.

Elephants are a symbol some people say because they don’t forget and that their trunks are up this is luck. But I just Love the fact they are so strong an animal caring for one another.  All this put aside silent tears stream down my face.



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