When an e-mail address changes /Can’t receive mail

Oh bother e-mail address.

I had a nice E-mail address then it was compromised. Change it they said.  Sure that easy.  No! Not easy. I forgot the password thinking I was given one of those unflawable memories where everything I jot down will be embedded to my forefront memory bank. This is not so, I have nothing! I remember nothing. And no it is not written down to be stolen.

But due to this fault of mine everything continues to be sent to this dead E-mail box. How can this new password update be changed? Why do I not have an alternate e-mail box option to send this change email!

Screaming inwards not to frighten my own self. At this point all I can say is I should have printed out a copy then filed it.

But really in the end I broke my internet connection and can not fix it. Why do I do these things to me.

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