I don’t know who I am anymore it’s been a long many years at I have known myself, I am forgotten. 

I remember where I left myself way back there all alone.  I as well walked away from myself, giving in others, listening to them telling me how I’m always wrong, that I don’t know what I’m doing. 
I ended up in a world where I didn’t belong. I didn’t know how to exist with others. I put myself alone stepping forward to be someone else anyone else just to fit in society. I found I was better off alone. 

Then One day I remembered my old self and I wondered, why are you still standing there. What would you be doing now? What made me leave you. I can only go forward but into what?  I nothing of this world. Technology and multiple cultures racing against time to end the world. I stayed sheltered living inside myself forgetting the world forgetting the people, growing older getting gray getting fat getting flabby overweight try to lose weight where did I go it’s to late, I’m way back there.  

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