About my site…I must tell you it derives from my up bringing. And in spite of the fact there had been some, pleasantries, the primary teachings were taught with excruciating beatings or punishments. This learning can not be compared with the teachings of Pavlov. Although, had they rang a bell, I would have been the first one at the table.

It went something like this:

Given away at four months, kidnaped at 16 months, ending up in an orphanage where my mother’s mom took me in, at the age of three. (There, I became the sole property of my much older cousin, who then molested me, until the age of seven. Luck for me I spent the first part of living there, in the hospital.

  • Run over by horse and buggy.
  • Hit by car.
  • Hit by car the very day arriving home from the hospital.
  • Then somebody choose to run me down where I continued to get up.

I was seven when my mother came to take me to live with her and five other kids. There I was beat until the age of fifteen.

So within those eight years I grew with six sisters and two brothers, where at the age of fifteen, in the heat of one summer night, we were all woken by the resounding scream of a shot-gun blast. That became the end of any family life for me. I became the property of the CHILDREN’S AID SOCIETY until the summer of June 29th.1972.

At seventeen and one half years-old, work became my ONLY option. Now here I am at the age of sixty-two and not well-educated but know about life and it’s perils, understanding the why’s and the how’s, knowing the fine-line between right and wrong.

I did my best to up-grade, receiving a grade twelve diploma. {This was all my brain could stand.} My ability to comprehend certain interpretation of instructions are WAY OVER MY HEAD. My mind is simple allowing:

  1. One Word-ONE MEANING
  2. MEAN WHAT YOU SAY! {Don’t make me guess.} To many options.
  3. NO ONE PERSON IN THIS WORLD IS BETTER THAN ANOTHER. {Does not apply to killers, molesters, cheaters or liars.} Rule breakers ARE NO GOOD AT ALL.

ABOUT ME…I have this clutter in my brain-waves, allowing a continuous flow of thinking, {utter nonsense allowing creative wonders to take over my life.} So I write.







Each and every story is 100% original & authentic and a lot to think about.

My Mother is vindictive. And back then, she took out all her deep repugnance on me. She taught me very well how to hurt someone, anyone, for no good reason at all. Mostly, she taught me to be afraid to open my mouth, to speak my mind, to stand-up for myself.  But God forbid anyone to fight in front of me! I lose control and transform into some sort of beast stopping any villain in its tracks. She turned me into a HERO! And I have hero’ed. So I create and kill.

Welcome to bits and pieces of my life. Step inside my mind.




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