I joined WORDPRESS.COM MARCH 2017 and I just came across my dashboard, it was an accident. This was happy for me but because I know myself sometimes and after the initial shock of realizing that I do have a dash-board, I saved it under favorites.

Dashboard. Why is it called DASH?

Jumping at it, with a powerful lunge, dashing through the snow, you click that icon on your board. Your dashboard.

Anyway today August 14th 2017 on a Monday is a beautiful day out side. The weather is breezy with a nice jaunty air. Good day for painting  the weathered eves trough but not by me.

I love trees with their many shapes and forms showing off their beautiful colours adorn, swaying with the breeze giving us warning before the storms, sheltering us from the burning rays of the sun and so much more, I love trees.





Not unanswered prayers, just slow coming. I don’t understand you don’t understand  what GOD can do,  all at once in the blink of an eye, or two or three things at a time or what do we humans think GOD should do?

Prayers get answered just not always in the nick of time, that’s just the way it goes. Take a wish for instance. Tell me, just who do you think is responsible for granting that wish/ GOD? Genies are for wishes not GOD. Even the cartoons TELL YOU.  I’m sorry to have to say that I do understand why you may believe GOD is in charge of wishes too. Did GOD create genies, then he created you and me.

I asked GOD to send me my friend.  I have not seen or spoken to my friend with in four years., I was angry, disappointed, I did not want to ever lay my eyes on that friend. But then just like that I was not up-set anymore.  so I prayed asking GOD to see my friend.

A couple of days went by, where is my friend God?

After a while I came to realize my friend is not just going to show up at my door after four years of me, acting like a kid, I don’t like you. But now I want to be with my friend, so how come you did not go get her God, I’m talking to you.

See I understand your answer will be because GOD is god man, he can do anything he wants and he is suppose to!

But what you are really saying is, you expect God to say “YOU. STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND GO VISIT THAT PERSON WHO DOESN’T LIKE YOU ANYMORE!


But that we are human, if GOD all of a sudden started talking to you and only you, you would be afraid.   I understand many people believe he should. But he is not allowed to just start talking to you or me out loud.

[I’s not my fault you can’t hear God talking, he’s talking to me, not you.]

I kept my old friend in my heart for about a month thinking all the fun we had, then I found myself  telling God that I am sorry and I forgive.  Two days later, then this very eve,  we see each other. I loudly said “Hey hello.”

Thank-you my LORD.



Things started out seemingly normal, then getting dressed and readying myself for the day’s out-line, of, well needed house-hold chores. Oddly enough; I am unaware the planned out list of any, chores are slowly being backed-up by, the more ramblings going on in the mind, creating unnecessary chores, so everything else is, has vanished!

What should I wear today,  became the new quest.

This activity can take a good hour or less, depending on eyeing the chosen attire twice.

Then during the decision as to what to wear, things started creating patterns of ideas upon ideas, colliding with interruptions of new thoughts. Then.

  1. Hey a yard sale
  2. Might be a good idea

Absolutely no time is wasted there<joke>there goes another hour or less. It went something like this: Thoughts, trying on clothes, laughing at memories of when that piece of clothes was worn last, should I keep it, should I get rid of it, try it on again. Big decisions had to be made..  Then some where during all this, the brain took it upon its self to start poking at he mind, “hey what did you see when you looked out the window?”. But why the window?  What’s so important about the window, the mind is wandering,, then a thought other than a chore comes out.  “It’s beyond me as to why, people find the need to muddle around in yards sales buying other people’s unwanted things. Treasure. Stuff.

  1. It is called treasure idiot.
  2. Yeah some bodies junk.
  3. I’m already in the parking lot so there

Every thought of cleaning and fixing up things and blogging, flew out the door and went treasure hunting.  The money spent?  $2.65 cents.   “Who sells their blue-boy picture! A victorious day I’d rather say.”

Wow 2 Pictures of  two ships, somebody took the time to ink-draw. Great find! {Canadian & German}The GOECH FOCK and The BLACK JACK.. Beautiful work.  “How could anyone sell these?” >See if I can jew them down, became the new chore. Try to find the best stuff here before someone else gets it.>My brain told me I really wanted to have the ships. I see two girls and a lady laughing with the seller about this odd coiled tool. She asked, “what is this?” the guy tells her, “a great conversation piece.” I take a look and YES! IT IS! What is it, I don’t know but I suddenly want it. I hope they don’t buy it.  But the lady picks it up, gives it a couple of squeeses, after the girls leave, puts it down. That was close. My chance.

Funny though, the question is asked for the two ship fashioned out of ink.

How much?

“One dollar.”

One dollar, for both of them ?

“Okay a dollar each.”

Sold!  Two dollars it is. and this, I want it. What is this. I hand pump this thing. How much?   “25 cents.”   Sweet! And what’s in this little box? “Nut crackers.” Sweet how much? Now I’ll have to go find some nuts. I laughed, they gazed at me in silence. Made me laugh more. Then I saw this unopened comdination lock, wow ten-cents. I took it. Then I spy, my little eye catches hold of this hand held tool with a curved end. I needed to ask. Is this a labotomy tool, I want it too, how much? TEN-CENTS? I said. What is wrong with you people? How are you going to make any money if everything is ten cents, 25 cents. A young girl steps forward. “We just want to get rid of this, stuff.” I looked around. Then  begged myself to leave. Go Home! Wait. How much for this rooster. “Twenty-five cents”. YES! I Pay and I do leave.

{Frig I could have had them both for a dollar! What’s the matter with me. Freaking stupid. Not really. Kind. I think I did a kind thing.  These kids are trying to raise money for something.  Whoopee so I paid an extra dollar. I am very, very pleased} <>All this thinking went on AFTER Laughing my way out of the parking lot with all my TREASURES. Stuff. Somebody else’s things.   My mind is chatting Holy, I got the BLUE BOY picture. The girl in pink? I don’t know who she is. She came with the blue boy. Holy, labotomy tools, frig 10 cents. I’m thinking, freaking wow. Two awesome Ships!, the penmanship alone is nuts, freaking awesome work.  And that springy thing, what ever it is. >Thanks for looking out the window. No thanks for remembering what caught your eye. No thanks for taking me out the door.   Then, that poking thought at the back of my mind finally, made it to the front of the brain, {how much? One dollar!} How did it become two? I laughed so hard realizing I did it myself. “How much are these pictures, one dollar. One dollar? How much are these pictures, one dollar. Fine then two. I am not a good jew’er after all.   “Big deal, so I got fun things for $2.65 cents. And yes, I did look back a few times, to see if anyone is watching my exit in laughter across the lot.    Then. Just like that. The walk back home became quite annoying causing a bad reaction from this huge interruption of planned-out house-cleaning.  {Something like this}.

  1. Gross
  2. Freaking mites
  3. Now I need to wash and change my clothes.
  4. Freaking scratching all over the place
  5. I got to wash this shit man
  6. Freaking piss me off, had a shower last night.

There goes any chores for this day planned-out for good, for sure. Every thing from the yard sale, is carefully placed in the wash-bin in the kitchen sink.. Of course each and every item is touched and spoken to or at, while readying the sink to disinfect mites off all these dumb things I, for some reason had to have, now being comprmised.

You guessed it…

This washing-up has been compromised!, Put on-hold!.  Because Pictures, of all this stuff had to be done, so looking for any camera in the place needs to be carried-out.  Then something else came up>The need to de-mite my hands, face and hair is urgent!

NOTHING IS GETTING DONE.  I showered, I cleaned, I ate. Then my brain asked a question.

Are you back?

“What made you ask that”

All this shit going on, what the crap?

Well, I got ship pictures. And lobotomy tools. lol.  I got cool stuff, it was a good day.



Now all this stuff sits in my home cluttered and dusty but loved somehow. The chores are still waiting.





I have prayed to my Lord, asking that a good man find me, like me, a man to Love me. A decent man to marry me. I also agreed my sibling pray for my hope.

After a while I forgot to ask God to see me down here waiting for love to just find me. What is that people say!? Love does not find people. people go find love!  <French> It’s the same thing. So Yes, I will wait for love to find me. I pray for real love to find me, plus I believe my sibling  prayers. I believe in the power of prayer.  It makes perfect since. > somepeople say> it’s all a big magnet drawing in energy < – So all that concentration at once causes a cosmic interruption sending electrical volts to heavens door-bell.

March or April this year 2017 I told my sister I wanted to get married again. “Why?”

ANSWER> I always wanted to be a wife. A wife with kids. A wife with children and a husband.  I didn’t ask for anything more.

Hell. I even bring stories to life [adding] LOVE. Love love love.  And now here I am trying to explain why I need this companionship all of a sudden. My older sister wants to know why I want The Lord to send me a man. Because is all that I said. Because. Why can’t I be happily married too. Why can’t I love a man and a man love me too. I want to cook and clean and take care of a man like all woman do.



[I do not wish to be the cause, of another bra burning bash, violating  the “TRUMP NEWS” Not the president, the man of the hour, now!


  • Anyway none the less the phone rings a few days ago.
  • It was a very old family friend.
  • He came to visit this very day.

Is this my ?, was he sent to me? Did he find me while he was out looking for love? Did Love just find me or it’s all, just coincidentally, out of the blue, after 27 years, he calls.

Am I to believe now that love can find you.

The phone rang two-hours ago.  He tells he was drawn to me and wants my permission to give my name to a reader, to see if we are compatible. . What is this I ask you.  A Fortune teller to see if we are compatible?   “Quote.” He’s going to tell you this name has a triple personality but you will be perfectly safe. [happy he found this statement amusing]. Again I said. “Quote!” , how can you pray to god and ask him for rain, then go to a future teller for love? That’s not okay.” Of course he wanted to know why I thought the way I did.

Answer > Because the Bible says so.

He said it is to at least see if we are compatible. “Okay, okay I said. But I do not want to know my future! > My mother even said it is bad to know.<

The Lord answered my prayer, now will I botch things up with my {allities?} all three? I can only say, poor guy, cause it is not easy living with one person not three in one. even though she sais with a smile, you’re safe. Now I laugh.

He even wants to save the trees. I love trees!  Tree or three how many do you want. FRENCH.  I say French because the French swear and I don’t swear, so French.

So naturally, I told him, odd, that I have been praying a man sent to love me and marry me for ever. That my sister is praying for me as well. [He rather liked this], so did I. We actually talked for a while setting a date to meet at an eatery, discussing his great find with his TELLER just using my name? I hope this does not scare the teller.

Laughing some more.   All in a name they say.  French!

What is my triple-personality going to do now.

Jump ins.

He told me all about his work at his first visit. So I ran to get all my, work, placing it down in front of him. He is impressed. I only smile.

It was not long a half an hour visit. He had to go. My mind told me it was a cheap visit indeed. ? half an hour.   But my heart told me he made flight because all the kids were all over him so were the dogs and. A bit to much isn’t. YES indeed it is.

When I hugged him good bye, it felt like the hello hug.  A brick wall. A strong man a working man I asked of my Lord. Then I find myself telling the Lord that I can’t even call him and apologise for all the commotion.  I don’t even know how to spell his last name or the town city or place he comes form. I didn’t think to ask? I just fell into his stories and showed him my written stories then he was gone.  Again I asked the Lord, how do I even find him back?

Seriously I found it, but to afraid to use it. Am I a stocker now? Will he think me mad? I don’t know, but I don’t want him to think I am crazy.  So I just went on with my usual blogging stuff complaining to the Lord who else >

then just like that the phone rang <>Him asking to make plans meeting at an eatery.

Now I’m left here with my mind.





















You have selfish and spoiled. Both words mean one thing each.

  1. Spoiled means > rotten.
  2. Selfish means > greedy.

Grandpa am I spoiled & selfish?

YUP!  Yes you are.  “Grandpa do you love me.”  Yup! Yes I do.  “Grandpa can I get fixed.” Maybe!  Just maybe boy. But it will take a lot of work. “Why?” Cos you’re already a spoiled selfish kid.  “What kind of work grandpa, will I get paid?”

  • PAID?  Never thought of paying anyone to learn not to be spoiled or selfish.
  • Is this question an act of being spoiled or selfish?

Yup!  Yes it is.   The answer is no boy. You won’t get paid. “Then I want to work doing something else.”  It might be to late for you after all  boy. “How grandpa?” How old are you now kid.  “Grandpa, I turned seven and you forgot to buy me a present.

Selfish and Spoiled

  1. Seven is too old to take the spoiled out.
  2. Time has flown by can not harness the selfishness.
  3. These flaws are to large a dent, in the brain all ready.
  4. We are talking about growing egos.

Children are never to young to install values in them. These values are not something you learn on the way,  they are TAUGHT.

HERE IS YOUR BOTTLE NOW SHUT-UP!   {No this action is wrong}

This is selfish on your part.   Here is what you do..

  1. Pick the baby up!,  “gently bounce sh sh sh sh.

Come on little baby. Sh sh sh sh.”

Making your way to the bottle making area. You are teaching the baby to wait. Sh sh sh sh.   And that you are gentle and snuggling, you are teaching the infant affection.  This is the way children should be guided.

“Grandpa did mommy pick me up and bounce me?”  Yup!  But she quit about three months later, “why?”   Oh, well, that is just the way some people are.  “Is mommy Selfish  grandpa?”  Yup!  “Is mommy spoiled too grandpa?”   Yup!  “Why?”

Let’s just say mommy was born sick as a baby,  and as she grew,  no body wanted to scold her when she needed it. So she grew to be a spoiled selfish child, then teenager, then a woman then a mom. It’s to late now, she can’t be changed. So what we do is work around her and hope for the best.

“Grandpa are you spoiled too?”    No!  “Why?”  Because when I was a kid my mom and dad spanked us. Not only that. We were hit with belts and sticks and with what ever came off the floor. “What came off the floor grandpa?”

  • Chairs.

Lots of stuff. “Why?”  Well if they couldn’t reach us where we were, it was easier to throw something to hit us.  “Grandpa did you love your mommy and daddy?”  Yup! “Why?” Cos, they’re my mom and dad. “But if they hit you with a stick why did you love them. Why didn’t you run away and never go back?”  Because boy.  Moms and dads have to teach us that there are rules.

EVRYBODY IN THE WHOLE WORLD must follow the rules.

“Grandpa I don’t like rules. And I am going to break my piggy-bank and buy some gum. And if mommy tries to stop me, I will punch her in her belly.”











STUPID IS believing in luck and not yourself. Stupid is what you just said.


I am lucky, ya see, I am still lucky it just takes time. My time will come you can count on it, only it seems that I always do something dumb and miss the perfect opportunity. Sounds like I am my own fault at chasing my luck away.

Stupid is

To react poorly at everything around you because you will not accept the blame you caused.  Then go search everywhere over the net, to find a lucky spell that said something like >

  •  burn a candle
  • say words like
  •  fire burn brightly turn my luck around
  • blab blab blab burn fire burn
  • take the bad leave the  good
  • change my life to be good.

Now say all that one hundred times before the candle burns out.


  • You actually try the spell without learning the words
  • You don’t believe the spell needs to be said one hundred times
  • You still can’t recite all the words even though you said them five times over.


What is osmopatch and  mental confection grandpa?

This is severe to the brain, causing  a temporary  stupidity, like { when you burned the house down.} The ingredients of the osmopatch are still unknown  so it is hard to say. But mix that with mental confection? You loose control of your right mind.

What is stupid? >All the silly things you think or try. Unlike the common smart things you do basically all the time.

Stupid is not thinking before you speak

Stupid is speaking without thinking

Stupid is doing things without thinking

Stupid is thinking but not doing

Stupid is always giving up

Stupid comes in many forms.

  • standing in somebody’s door-way
  • climbing a mountain
  • writing a test
  • getting married
  • getting divorced
  • running amuck
  • allowing your feet to ache

These things are common, among, the things that are done stupidly. But don’t forget there are ZILLIONS of stupid unmentionable happenings not listed above.

what is stupid?

Okay grandpa. I won’t try anymore spells.

Then tell me what is stupid boy.

You grandpa, you.  You gave me the book, and said, go play, and with any luck come back with a pot of gold.

Sea Shells and The Book Of Spells  verses  Old-Age and The Withered Spectacles

Grandpa what is stupid. > Captivity.


Picture 591Picture 561

Picture 568

Picture 594Picture 560


I spent twenty minutes searching for my notes.  I found lots of notes just not the ones I was looking for. “Why can’t I find any thing lately! Frig!”    Looking for a name on a paper, scribbler, I don’t know, is there a done pile around this place?

“It really pisses me off when I can’t find stuff. Seriously I even blogged about this name/.”

Gone again, looking one more time at the stuff, searched through three times already. Maybe some areas were missed.  It can’t hurt,  it just wastes more time doing NOTHING useful to anyone self included.

  • 1949-explosion kills 500. fertilizer. Texas
  • 1912 Titanic sinks
  • 1923 Insulin
  • Welcome to thrillers
  • arepetomonasts.wordpress.com

There is more.

  • Bone marrow eat Dandelions
  • epidermal + epidemic disease that spreads rapidly
  • epidermis the outer most layer of the skin
  • nanobots ?
  • ahowlingmoon@gmail.com; Peter Russell

This does not mean the search is over, a pile of papers happen to be sitting on the dresser.

  • Roy is morphing
  • IMDV pro
  • Sundance
  • info@koi_fly.com good for nothing
  • April 16,2017 today is Easter I learned how to use my recorder.

A recorder?

This recorder must be located and new hunt is in the works, the old forgotten already.

What kind of recorder is this, it’s probably black. Where would it even be. Why would there even be a recorder.

Oh no. The thought of a pile of done papers has arrived. There is a pile of done papers under the desk. Life is as hard as you make.

  • unsolicited
  • a woman crying in the night a lone on a bench
  • To suffer, I do not suffer you, you suffer yourself for your addictions I say unto you. Suffer not unto me.
  • In me fear not your fears.

Paper upon paper, large and small scrubbers full of NOTES! But not the ones needed! hey the clip-board. find that find that name. When really, the only thing of happening here,  is the mess being created by unfiled notes, more piles, being mixed up and placed about. From here to the kitchen to the washroom to the living room all over the bedroom, lucky to have standing room.

  • The market is high on body fat
  • to be of the O- blood type
  • Groundhog day
  • I am not sure what I am doing April 13, 2016

Now you’ve gone and done it. You brought me out. That’s okay though. Hello me. Wait! Who are you. April 28,2017.

I don’t know you

I know but I know you

How would you know me if I don’t know you

Because I’m always in looking out

Are you bad

What are you going to do about it if I am

That would depend

Aw would it now

Anyway. How long are you hear/metaphor/for

Can’t quite say

Yeah well, just don’t get into any trouble, no good at getting out

I am








what should I write about?



KIDS GETTING INTO TROUBLE. Then lets just see how much trouble they can get into. And please be advised>nobody mentioned an age<>That I am the writer in this ordeal the kids will range from the age of seven to 18., because by the time they are 19, they should be trying to be wiser than a kid. 19-year old’s in my book are not categorized under-KID. You will find them, in college, while the kids are getting into trouble.

One time I heard of these four kids that were out driving around having what they called fun, while drinking and driving getting into trouble by driving off a cliff with a 25 foot drop, trying to elude the law? It did not start out as trouble but surely ended in trouble. Then the same four kids changed the high school password for all the computers causing a whole stream of trouble for the school.

About seven of these kids found themselves in a great ship-load of trouble, after waking on a boat sailing out to SEA. No shore line in sight.

Now how in the world did these kids get themselves into this kind of trouble. KIDNAPPED. Just like that. Seven kids. Three of these kids were a brother and his two sisters. then to brothers-twins, and two friends, all these kids have been friends for seven years. Seven kids to be sold in HADES. SLAVES. They need workers. Strong healthy kids will bring in a good profit. The whiter the better.

The ship will finally dock in the PORT DU PRINCE where the kids will be bought as slaves. If this isn’t trouble then I don’t know what is. Until then, these long time family of friends haven’t the slightest idea as to what is going on and how they got into this kind of trouble! And is there anyone even on this ship with them? They even had their own complaints as to how they are Feeling and who to Blame and what’s to eat. Where the hell is frank? The guy offering the barbecue last night on the beach with free beer.

Three men ran the boat. But they did not speak English.  And the men were not white. They wore skirts with some kind of head-dress. A ring of feathers or something there like that, colourful arm bands, they didn’t even wear shoes. But they had spears.

One of the older boys in search of who is at the helm, if anyone, came upon the men and said, “Parlay vous onglaze”, the men pointed their spears, “je je je je je.” the one man said.   So the kid said. “Yeah?  Je je je to you to A-hole. He left out of there to report his findings to the others. Three men with knives on sticks he would tell the others not to frighten the two girls. The guys were nice like that to the girls always protecting them in or out of the house.  Now they are lost with nothing but water all around them and a crying kid. “Shhh. Don’t tell mom okay. We’re going to get you home.” “I want to go home now.” “What if I give you all my money when we get home, will you stop crying?”  “All of it?”  “Yeah all the brown ones. You can have all the brown money.” {pennies}.This always worked on his little sister. Why she even trades ten-dollar bills for all his change in his pockets. He has his little sister believing the oddest things. But at the same time he makes sure she is happy. He is a good big brother, and did not get them in this trouble. As the matter of face she did it to herself by sneaking off in the night, joined by her older sister, following the boys to the beach to a party, big brother brought his electric gituar and amplifier. This battery opperated. The girls loved to listen to big brother play. He played out in a band but they were never allow to go.

The youngest kid is seven. She is one of the sisters. After she calmed down she went on a search of her own, coming back with something. “Look what I found.” “what is it”, one of the boys said. “A gold watch.” He takes it from her small hand. “That’s not a watch. It’s a compass.”  “what’s that?” “It will give us an idea to where we are. Can I use it for a minute? I’ll give it back.” “Will it take us home?”  “No.”  “Then I don’t want it back, it’s stupid.” She ran off crying again to go home.

One of the other boys, taking this all very, very serious.  “How can you even think of eating. Our mom’s are going to kill us.”  “Have another beer.” Someone said, “you’re scaring the little girls.”   “You don’t know my mom. I’m going to get killed, my mom is going to be pissed. Then your mom is going to kick my ass.

Outside these kids getting into trouble. They are planning out the situation at hand, taking a cold hard look at what may have happened>them stealing a very large boat and now lost at sea with the girls. This is a very big mistake they are sure of it.   But right now they have hang-overs that need to be dealt with. so they can think!

They found some food. lots to drink. Sleeping quarters were ready, expecting them. Not all of them. Just the boys. {The girls are a massive streak of GOLD.} Playing cards were on the table and cases of beer are piled in the one corner.  They search every inch of this ship finding valueable sport-gear they consider weapons.

Kids get in trouble

  • by not think
  • by not understanding
  • by not caring
  • by not knowing.

Even if you ask all the right questions, trouble can be waiting for you to come a long.  At least, this is what happened to these kids ages from 7- 14. And all the boys just turned 18 within a month or two of each other over the summer, not quite the drinking age to get into bars. But the twins shared a phony ID and would go sometimes sneaking out booze for the others.

A lot of things happen to the kids, with the kids, by the kids, during the whole trip, right  up until they docked.  They even found out how they came to be on this boat. A betrayal in friendship is the very cause of this trouble for these seven kids.

They fall into the hands of a man called the PEACEMAN. Who saves them from one slavery to his own. The difference is the kids are ALL together still.

1,100.54 miles from home. Boys oh boys oh boy are they in trouble or what?


They are smart boys they are fun boys they are in trouble boys.

They make it home safe and sound you’ll never believe how.








ne two buckle my shoe what in the world are we to do.

three four shut the door they are coming in by scores and scores.

five six what the shit! Quick toss me that stick!

Seven eight lets get things straight. You can not stop us.

Nine ten.  Here we come again.Picture 492