Harassment-Constantly under attack, someone causing you trouble.  What can you do.

  1. Make sure 100% you are being harassed and find out why!
  2. Under every circumstance find a safe way to tell the police if you should.
  3. Act normal.  And if you should have trouble acting normal stay home.

If you are being harassed then you yourself or someone you are close to did something to draw attention.  Sometimes we do things for all the wrong reasons not realizing until it is to late all the foolish choices chosen.

Talk about harassment.



I joined WORDPRESS.COM MARCH 2017 and I just came across my dashboard, it was an accident. This was happy for me but because I know myself sometimes and after the initial shock of realizing that I do have a dash-board, I saved it under favorites.

Dashboard. Why is it called DASH?

Jumping at it, with a powerful lunge, dashing through the snow, you click that icon on your board. Your dashboard.

Anyway today August 14th 2017 on a Monday is a beautiful day out side. The weather is breezy with a nice jaunty air. Good day for painting  the weathered eves trough but not by me.

I love trees with their many shapes and forms showing off their beautiful colours adorn, swaying with the breeze giving us warning before the storms, sheltering us from the burning rays of the sun and so much more, I love trees.





He said, so I heard you had a self-conscious problem.
She said, It’s not what you think so it really does not matter to me what you heard.
He said, I didn’t ask you for your life story, I just said I heard some shit.
She said, Well, where I come from, self-conscious and shit don’t sound anything a like.
He said, well then, be like that. I just wanted to meet you.
She said, by telling me something you heard about me?
He said, It worked.
She smiled saying nothing.
He said, so are you?
Are you what she said.
He said, self-conscious. then he waited for her to speak.
She said, you mean shy, yes I am shy to a point. If I have to knock you out I don’t see a problem.

The whole place became quite, Everyone waited for any response, from either one of them. Then Just like that he said, bar-keep a round for everyone. Then he said to her, so, are you going to beat me up?
She laughed. He said, are you okay? She laughed more. He said, I’m afraid.
She said, please stop talking.
He said, see how you are.




I HAVEN’T any clue as to what I am doing at times. Blah,  raving all over the place while getting top priority chores done last. It seems the more I leave my spot, the more I am needed else where. I don’t want to be anywhere else. But here you go, your-welcome. Getting back to me. Where was I.

Why did the little girl look down her shirt. To see if anybody got there before she did.




WHEN YOU FALL BACK into an old routine, don’t give up on your own self so fast. You got where you were and you will get back and you already know it was not easy, something there like that. Failure is hard on certain people causing activity in your ego to act out.

My egocentric is acting out therefore I have lost control. I made a video and put it on YOUTUBE > title> Earth has 27 days to live.

What did one guitar say to the other?

Riff riff.



Not unanswered prayers, just slow coming. I don’t understand you don’t understand  what GOD can do,  all at once in the blink of an eye, or two or three things at a time or what do we humans think GOD should do?

Prayers get answered just not always in the nick of time, that’s just the way it goes. Take a wish for instance. Tell me, just who do you think is responsible for granting that wish/ GOD? Genies are for wishes not GOD. Even the cartoons TELL YOU.  I’m sorry to have to say that I do understand why you may believe GOD is in charge of wishes too. Did GOD create genies, then he created you and me.

I asked GOD to send me my friend.  I have not seen or spoken to my friend with in four years., I was angry, disappointed, I did not want to ever lay my eyes on that friend. But then just like that I was not up-set anymore.  so I prayed asking GOD to see my friend.

A couple of days went by, where is my friend God?

After a while I came to realize my friend is not just going to show up at my door after four years of me, acting like a kid, I don’t like you. But now I want to be with my friend, so how come you did not go get her God, I’m talking to you.

See I understand your answer will be because GOD is god man, he can do anything he wants and he is suppose to!

But what you are really saying is, you expect God to say “YOU. STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND GO VISIT THAT PERSON WHO DOESN’T LIKE YOU ANYMORE!


But that we are human, if GOD all of a sudden started talking to you and only you, you would be afraid.   I understand many people believe he should. But he is not allowed to just start talking to you or me out loud.

[I’s not my fault you can’t hear God talking, he’s talking to me, not you.]

I kept my old friend in my heart for about a month thinking all the fun we had, then I found myself  telling God that I am sorry and I forgive.  Two days later, then this very eve,  we see each other. I loudly said “Hey hello.”

Thank-you my LORD.



Improper eating habits is when you wait to long to eat. > This causes you to put anything in your face just to keep you from puking up bile which {burns holes in your stomach and helps rot teeth.} or almost passing out due to lack of nutrients in your blood needing to feed your brain, or just lazy and eat a bag of potato chips instead of an apple while you cook a warm meal for your body, > allowing you to move.

As soon as you feel hungry go prepare a healthy meal.  Better yet plan a schedule cooking routine stopping what you at doing to feed your face.

Improper eating habits is when you eat on the run or standing around. This is bad because while you are keeping your mind busy, your mind is not paying attention to what ever you are tossing down your throat so the mush is not processed properly causing you problems with your bowels by not digesting proper, and your mind will not remember siting and eating anything so it will trigger a hunger.

Bring food with you when you leave the house so you can sit for 5 minutes. FIVE minutes will do a great deal for the body while you sit and gobble fuel.

Improper eating habits is forgetting to drink WATER!



WATER WATER, WATER! {Before your food during your food and after your food.





Putting things a side for you once again. I demonstrate for a month running, cleaning this home in an orderly fashion on a daily basis and you still can’t manage to copy my schedule?

I do watch and pay attention to how you manage the house cleaning. You are lazy wasting hours of useful time. Then before we know it the home is a pig sty style setting unfit for a child causing me to leave my own duty to handle yours.

I have come to the conclusion that you have to get your own schedule that upon doing mine to start to believe you are doing my chores and you quit cleaning all together, when in fact it is your home, your children and your mess.

I just want to get to my room or go pee or sit and eat a sandwich.