I will tell you why.

Because I was hacked and lost everything!!!! But just this hour I have my WORDPRESS site back after loosing all access to this laptop. I Blogged about calling the right FRIEND and just for old-time-sake, I clicked on the Add button the media. My mind froze when lots of my pictures came up. I love you wordpress. lol xo.


When you think all is lost?  What did you lose? What do you mean the right friend?

  1. let me tell you. My laptop did get messed up really bad. How bad? Bad enough that the trash-can looked like a nice new home for it, we are glad the garbage-bin opening was too narrow to fix this PC.
  2. Day in and day out for two weeks or more, the sidewalk continued to invite me to come out and smash my laptop to smithereens. We are happy I choose not to make the HEADLINES for my hometown.
  3. Frig, all I wanted to do was pull the guts out. We are great full I didn’t know how.

I can’t believe when I took this laptop into the GEEK SQUAD they asked for 259.99 up front, telling me All is lost, but they will do 100_1932their best with-out promising any progress of retrieving my files, my pictures, my documents, my anything. We are so happy I walked out taking my loss with me.

So there you have it. I was willing to suffer my losses rather pay up front for nothing.

  • Sure I cried somewhat.
  • Sure I lost sleep.
  • Sure I asked people I knew.

But no one could help me with this hacking problem. I was on  my own not knowing what to do. So I thought I would Change my room around, at least I am doing something rather furthering the destruction of my old PC.

Then out of know where I came across an old business-card from a friend I have not seen for quite some time.  I studied it for a while wondering if the numbers were still good, choosing the phone number in the center. I punched in the numbers and listened to the ringing. I was about to hang-up when the robot said to leave a message. So I did. “Hey hi, how are you. What are you doing? Why don’t you and your wife come for coffee. Or tea. Why don’t you guys just come. Anyway, have a good weekend.”    We were happy to answer the phone the next day,  it was my old friend. I spilled my guts.

WHEN YOU THINK ALL IS LOST / Remember the right friend.

I had no idea my friend had any computer skills, but here I am.  Maybe I lost my documents and pictures and videos but I am able to use my old laptop to start over again only this time . . .I will never click on a pop-up again. “That is what happened in the first place. A pop-up told me to download WINDOWs 10 before July 29,2017 and I did. OUCH!”




Destroying everything that takes me down.

And as for you you do what you want. 

But I feel good taking down or at least Stopping the culprits from further taking advantage of my lack of knowledge and my kind patience. 

First step is to Let them know I know by contacting the recipient telling them that I understand now how it is all working. 

Step two, e-mail the company head-team crewing the web. (This really is not the best thing to do) but at least they know I now know. 

Then three, cause a ruckus Which will cause another Rucus which in turn will cause “the” ruckus, to take it all down. This is good for me after all the hacking from these fraudulent Microsoft office pretending to help you because they know you do not know you are indeed being hacked.

But at the same time I am scribbling it down with phone numbers here and there all the while not knowing they only have harm intentions with no heart. You can’t have a heart sitting there scamming people with a beautiful smile on their breath. 

Bastards!! I sent every last scrap of paper to the fraudulentactionpeople , putting a stop to some of these preying mantis crawling grubbing rat ass scammers. 


Support Help for any PC is very easy only if you TAKE your PC, tablet laptop what ever you use, TO A WALK-IN computer hardware store!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NEVER NEVER NEVER think you can get any help you need on line. You have TWO choices…Pay a small amount to take your PC in to a real computer store or pay hundreds of dollars after, the “help” you find online.

For one thing, you can not tell anyone you have never heard of HOW MANY FRAUDULENT PHONE NUMBERS ARE LISTED.  To many. The problem is Companies like MICROSOFT & WINDOWS and what ever else out there KNOW about these fraudulent transactions going on but do nothing about it. 

How are these dirty cheating people not stopped allowing innocent people to be robbed of their personal lives is beyond my wondering?  How hard is it? 

It’s not hard it is work. These companies should have the responsibility of monthly checks on the web searching for fraudulent use of their names. 

So advice for support on your PC …

Take it to a STORE!!!

Never on line!!  This can happen to you. 


Does anyone know how to break a syskey password?  It was put on my Desktop by fraudulent Microsoft supporters. 

Any help will be greatly appreciated and lots of kisses xoxox hugs too. 



I sent a portfolio away with my Synopsis for my story BUZZEZR, I also sent along pictures and my Alien Language.   I was so very excited I forgot a few things. 

  1.  To put it in care of this Nicholas Grabowsky, who was excited to see my many long years of work. 
  2. Find out about getting an American return stamp for my self addressed return envelope. 
  3. And tell them/him I sent the same package to three other places. 

Needless to say I have not heard back about my baby-(book)-Buzzer I am starting to wonder if I made A huge mistake? 

Did I. Did I make a mistake?  Boooo. ​It does not feel good anymore it feels like I did a bad thing. I am wondering if this feeling is due to the fact that both my Desktop and Laptop are still down.  Also because I am sick and can’t get out of the house to take my computers in for repairs. I could but I am dead set against leaving home when I am ill not spreading the virus like someone did to me, my daughter’s good friend, she kept arriving against my wishes until I became infected. Now I sit in my room for days not to get the baby sick. It has been Six days now and my body is still going through the process of this flu. How uncaring people can be towards others, just as long as they are getting what they want and no one else matters. The really sad thing is, this selfish woman works with the very old. And when we are very old our bodies can’t fight simple colds. 

I should not have sent my story away so blindly and I should have forced this sick person out of my home who only comes by to sit all day on her iPhone. It is the choices we make that cause our demise. I asked her to leave she wouldn’t I sent my twenty years of work away without doing my homework. 


What is Microsoft?  I do not know maybe you do.  I thought it was something like a Dictionary or a Doctor for computers.  As it turns out, my experience with this name has been a nightmare! 

How am I saying this? Microsoft is a trusted name on the net / not anymore. There happen to be to many scams out there just floating around waiting for you to click on their name inviting them in. 

This is just the one part of my nightmare, this was done to my old desk top during the take-down of my Laptop. The old girl wasn’t even turned on!  
I called Microsoft for help. Windows XP was not being supported anymore and told me to download windows 10. I followed their instructions this past April. Only it was not mentioned that the drivers would no longer work, slowly they stopped. Causing me to turn to the internet asking Microsoft for help. 

They cleaned my hard drive off! My Laptop is empty. My life safety tucked away for years was taken during this faulty repair of damage drivers,  they asked if I had any other computers needing repairs,  I said yeah but not with the drivers, that I had to upgrade her from windows XP that I would take her in just my Laptop. 

SCAMMING SCAMMERS SCAMMED me taking all my work off my Laptop putting a locking my old computer!!! Of course I call back only to be told there is no such record of these events taking place. 

All my pictures of my children are gone. All my grandchildren gone. My family gone. 

My writings my art my work my junk! Gone. Videos and music all taken for what?  What reason?  

Microsoft a name you can trust? NOT.