If I could I would Spend all my time eating chips and cookies not really very much candy but more like cake.  But I can’t my body won’t allow me too. But if I could I would. 

If I could spend all my time sitting around watching movies and reading books and just resting I would. But my body won’t allow it my body would get tired and fat flabby and lazy. But I would if I could. 

But they want me to eat bananas. 



WHEN YOU FALL BACK into an old routine, don’t give up on your own self so fast. You got where you were and you will get back and you already know it was not easy, something there like that. Failure is hard on certain people causing activity in your ego to act out.

My egocentric is acting out therefore I have lost control. I made a video and put it on YOUTUBE > title> Earth has 27 days to live.

What did one guitar say to the other?

Riff riff.



“Hey grandpa I wrote a story about you can I sell it?”

Why you little dickens why would you do that?

“Money grandpa, my teacher said I should write a story about you and sell it.”

There is no story about me!

“Yes grandpa, all the stories you tell me.”

Yeah well those there stories, are me and you kid, secret quite between grandpas and grandkid only. Them’s stories nobody will believe.

“YES! Perfect.”

  1. Now you’re screwing with me kid.
  2. And now you’re laughing like a retard kid, looking at a comic up-side down.
  3. Oh sure laugh you’re head off.

“No grandpa I’m laughing because of your face.”

Really kid? Just tell me why so happy.

“The name of my story is GRANDPAS AND GRANDKIDS.”

Yeah okay then, laugh and slob yourself all over the place. How is that even funny?

“Grandpa, grandpa. You’re going to love this. Only grandpas and grandkids can buy it.”

There’s more than two out there you know.

“So grandpa you’re the best. People are going to love this, I know it.”

How do you know it.

“Because I love this story grandpa.”

Yeah well, hey wait there, come back.

“Okay in a minute Grandpa. I need to press send.”




IMG_1514“GRANDPA.  IT’S OKAY.”   Yup, laughing trust me.

“Well grandpa the story is not about you? Really.  Now come on grandpa, it’s a story you told me about your great-grandfather or grandfather. What ever grandpa it’s not about you.  Trust me. I wouldn’t tell on you.”

  1. What do you mean!
  2. And what are you laughing at now?
  3. There is nothing to tell on me.

“‘Grandpa, I’m not laughing at you. It’s your face.”

Yeah here we go again. Your acting like a kid…”Grandpa I am a kid. 11 get it I don’t know how many times I tell you I had my birthday and you still don’t get it.”

Yeah? You’ll get it if you push send.

“Grandpa, I already sent it down stairs, well coming up the stairs, you saw me with my iPhone. Grandpa don’t look that way, you are going to make me laugh.”

Yeah well that’s a little to late to eh.

Hey yeah dumb kid, you don’t have a copy, soo it does not matter to me what you sent.

“Oh grandpa as if I need a copy…you told me the story over a hundred times, I’m sure I pretty much know it by heart now. Besides, never mind now grandpa, I sent it.”

Yeah well you got chores and home-work so get at’er.











I need an easier faster way to get to my window. clearing the way will take over an hour of my time.  I don’t have that time. I NEED TO BLOG.

I need to crawl to reach the window or find another way out.

By the way, it’s me, THETALER.  And until I fix this I can not leave this place.  The obvious problem is I failed at tinkering in school! I should have paid more attention to the tedious stuff and I wouldn’t be stuck here now.

So why waste time.  May as well catch you up on things you don’t know about. Like the last few days STUCK with these two, a sex-pot and a  psycho.  “I need out of here! I have to get away from all the over zealous crap coming from them! They are driving me nuts! I can’t think! I can’t eat. I can’t sit in one place for more than a few minutes, seconds even.

I have some water in the sink I need to get to . . .But no, these two need to be in this room Trying at who knows what. Everybody is insane with trying to out wit each other. all they came in for was, so they said was to tell me a poem.

  • Mary had a little lamb and could not find it.
  • So they gave her shit

After I didn’t care about the poem., they went on to more of it or its likeness.

  • Mary fairy Larry Harry
  • Ate the lamb for supper.

I smiled and rubbed my chin doing my best not to give a chuckle because I am trying to get some lines down in this little room.

  • One two sky blue
  • You’re stupid
  • So are you
But while they poke at each other, they are moving things about. Oh look at this , look at that Hey I thought this was going to get put over there. And look at the board you brought in to paint, it is in the way of this., and so on!
“It’s getting way to hot and dusty in here!   I yelled. “The window needs to be opened.”
Then. “Oh bother!  Never mind . . .I’m staying right here, they barricaded the door. I have no time to rewire my only light. They are so very busy, like a roulette-wheel. They steadily the cause, chaotic interruptions, for one an other, while moving this, taking that, put this here and so forth and so on.


But apart from all that, very creative plans are sought-up only to drift away.

Watching them is like staying in a continued circle stopping in intervals of three all around the room.  Some people would say,”things will get done in a round about way.”

Anyway the window is opened, the mess is bigger than their surprise. They are each puzzled at each-other’s tedious pile of clutter that must be cleared and put away. IMG_1457

You made all that mess just to open a window

I just wanted to put the dress on the mannequin

Shit don’t clean-up it’s self you know


“I need to get this fixed and get out of here.”






So I wrote a story and it goes like this.


Really, it’s about Frank. He is THE FRANK DOMINO right out of THE FLASK DRINKERS, story, the small village of Avonmore/MURRAY BARKLEY, who is THE MR. MURRAY BARKLEY himself, from Avonmore, diving straight into the story, HIGHNOON-BUZZERS

So this story is   ROOM 327 / NORA , is about.


Frank fell in to the role of owner {THE TRICONE INC.} making envelopes & boxes.  The towns people believe this and earn an honest living happily. When really, Frank is from a secret society where stamping out evil, no matter the form it arrives in.

Nora thinks. Plus Frank is freaking hot! ” He stands tall’, but he blows spit-balls. “He stands like an Indian warrior.” ride that cowboy

Frank took in this kid called Chris. He felt responsible for the death of the kids parents. He allows Chris to act as his right-hand man, running the production lines, of TRICONE INC.  This causes the kid to out weigh his authority running to Frank. The kid is 22.

Then one day Nora moves here, becomes proud owner of THE OLD FEED MILL.  Getting a job, working stamping envelopes.  Up until now Nora’s only problems are her two hidden personalities, always changing her mind, she believes this is what women do or they are not women. Innocent.

She can’t believe after all these years, stories of the old mill & Mr. & MRS. Wilson still become the talk of the town when Nora is around. They want inside. Do or die.

This day [DALLAS & CURRY] just arrived off the only bus that drives out that way twice a month. Where this fortunate, accidental meeting takes place, entwining them & herself to this cat and mouse game.

They are killers-this their bread & food. Roaming from town to town searching for the rich, teaching his son the in and out of the job. Only Curry has a mind of a child, and right now all he wants is suck-suck from Nora. Knuckle-head idiot bastard, falls in love with Nora-first sight and the only thing in his head is rape and murder with her.

Nora is always muttering about lots of things so lots of things go unnoticed. Or do they. She works for Frank who Loves her. But afraid to say. She’s so amusing. He wants love too.  Would she want him back? This is his big dilemma.  Or does he just want in the old feed mill too.

She keeps to herself, by herself, for herself. She believes herself to be nuts. Crazy. Innocent.


Here is the thing.

  1. Be care full what you ask for.
  2. Every word has its proper meaning.
  3. Love lust & Danger come all together.






I spent twenty minutes searching for my notes.  I found lots of notes just not the ones I was looking for. “Why can’t I find any thing lately! Frig!”    Looking for a name on a paper, scribbler, I don’t know, is there a done pile around this place?

“It really pisses me off when I can’t find stuff. Seriously I even blogged about this name/.”

Gone again, looking one more time at the stuff, searched through three times already. Maybe some areas were missed.  It can’t hurt,  it just wastes more time doing NOTHING useful to anyone self included.

  • 1949-explosion kills 500. fertilizer. Texas
  • 1912 Titanic sinks
  • 1923 Insulin
  • Welcome to thrillers

There is more.

  • Bone marrow eat Dandelions
  • epidermal + epidemic disease that spreads rapidly
  • epidermis the outer most layer of the skin
  • nanobots ?
  •; Peter Russell

This does not mean the search is over, a pile of papers happen to be sitting on the dresser.

  • Roy is morphing
  • IMDV pro
  • Sundance
  • good for nothing
  • April 16,2017 today is Easter I learned how to use my recorder.

A recorder?

This recorder must be located and new hunt is in the works, the old forgotten already.

What kind of recorder is this, it’s probably black. Where would it even be. Why would there even be a recorder.

Oh no. The thought of a pile of done papers has arrived. There is a pile of done papers under the desk. Life is as hard as you make.

  • unsolicited
  • a woman crying in the night a lone on a bench
  • To suffer, I do not suffer you, you suffer yourself for your addictions I say unto you. Suffer not unto me.
  • In me fear not your fears.

Paper upon paper, large and small scrubbers full of NOTES! But not the ones needed! hey the clip-board. find that find that name. When really, the only thing of happening here,  is the mess being created by unfiled notes, more piles, being mixed up and placed about. From here to the kitchen to the washroom to the living room all over the bedroom, lucky to have standing room.

  • The market is high on body fat
  • to be of the O- blood type
  • Groundhog day
  • I am not sure what I am doing April 13, 2016

Now you’ve gone and done it. You brought me out. That’s okay though. Hello me. Wait! Who are you. April 28,2017.

I don’t know you

I know but I know you

How would you know me if I don’t know you

Because I’m always in looking out

Are you bad

What are you going to do about it if I am

That would depend

Aw would it now

Anyway. How long are you hear/metaphor/for

Can’t quite say

Yeah well, just don’t get into any trouble, no good at getting out

I am







Well this is just the thing. I can not find any spot to make a marking.

Where do I find about? I found it before, rather it was just there for me to explain what I am about.  Oh silly me sounding like a girl again.  Must be the inner me. A little girly girl. “The dog ate my slipper.”   Don’t worry you will get another slipper.. “But you don’t understand, I was my glass slipper.”  So go cry then.  But leave us. We need to know about MYRITINGBOARD.

“So what about it pray tell.’

“It changed.”

“Did it now, into what? A playing field?”

“Can you see the look on my face! I am serious! People should know about myritingboard! You. What do you know. You’re just a piece of meat!”

“Hey calm down now, I will toss you an ink jar. You can colour your world into anything you’d like.”

“Please life is changing about me I must change about me too.  Myritingboard is about telling it straight. life is like that. Straight.”

“Don’t you mean the earth is round?”

“What is this earth? I am talking life! I am telling you I am thestorytaler and I will tell you the story straight the way it is, no back-outs no cop-outs no escape from the way life is.”

“So this is what you are saying you are about? Telling tales the way they go down with your ritingboard.”

“Yes myritingboard, you have it so.”

“Hum, can I leave now?”

“With my honor. But not without telling you there should be a page about, ABOUT.”







Rules for everything, everywhere, world wide, even for writers trying to get noticed.

Rules are not easy at times giving us headaches like we are criminals acting all stealth trying to get one toe-nail in the door.    TOE-Nail?  Yes! Toenail. The doors are closed so tight you are screaming with joy for your toenail in the door.

But this is not good like you thought because now you are STUCK THERE!

Let me in let me out, my head hurts or my toe. I’m so confused.

They want this from you.

  1. A poster with a professional pitch.    Do you need an AGENT?
  2. Your pleasure composed into a Logline, Title and Synopsis that will tickle them.
  3. The most catching Title ever, blocking out hundreds of others, make yours shine.
  4. The most important 30 words creating a Logline that will lure them to you.
  5. YUCK! up to seven pages of detailed plots/illustrations/driving the characters deals, creating  three acts then splitting the first & second  act where there is vengefulness100_3215 , caring, wining losing. At this point I want my toenail free.  A WONDERFUL WORLD
  6. You need to select an honest place to protect all of your written work before you even try getting it out there.   They say there are places online/how safe is this?
  7. It is time for you to pitch your screenplay/book. So now you need a door and one box of band aids. There are thousands of people wanting their written work looked at hoping to get produced. So Where? There happen to be zillions of places online if you can get in there.
  8. They say enter contests, at least you will/ maybe get recognized.
  9. It is like a roller coaster up & down. But the best poster picture wins. You just hope it does not look like anything else ever!

Rules and more rules for writers.  No crying No Stalking No killing. Just follow the RULES.


A sign was posted.

 [Your not producing fast enough]

People stood gawking at one another then back to the sign. The whole room filled with whispers turning to chatters then things became loud.

“What does this mean?” someone asked. “It is evident we are to slow.” Somebody else said. “Then what are we to do?”, came from across the room. At that moment if you were standing there you can hear the pin fall to the floor bouncing back and forth until it lay still and everyone looking to it. Then all ears and eyes turned in the direction of a voice.

“We have to bring in others.” No body said anything for a few seconds. Then the same voice, “but we must be careful. The body fat must be that of the o negative blood type.”

“We just can’t take people off the streets.” Came flying back. “I know this. Precautions must be made of course.”  Chatters and commotion started crowing the air.  “What is there that we can do?”  “It’s impossible!”  “What do we tell these others.”

“I know you are all afraid and you should be. But we tell them it’s just a simple test.”  “But what if they don’t comply.”  “Then they die for nothing.”

The market is high for o negative body fat. There is a great demand for implants. While some people starve themselves others are stuffing their faces, piling on the pounds allowing the child to go hungry all for the money…

Sometimes people will do anything for money without think of ANY consequences. But what good is getting this money only to die? There is a lot to think about here.IMG_1052