“Grandpa why are poor people sad they have no money.”

What kind of question it that. Yup, laugh.

“Well grandpa I just want to know why some people get so crazy cos they have no money? Don’t they even know they don’t have to pay tax?  My friend’s dad has lots of money and he has to pay tax to the Government and it’s his own money. That doesn’t make any sense to me grandpa.  I just don’t get it. If it is his money, then why grandpa, why does he have to pay money to have money.”

Listen kid why don’t you go out side for ten minutes and get some air.

“Grandpa. I don’t want to go outside for ten minutes.”

And I don’t want to answer your question.

“Well come on there grandpa, how am I suppose to learn if you don’t teach me.

I teach you lots of things kid just not stuff like that.

“Well what if I want to grow up and do nothing, then I won’t have to pay tax on working hard everyday to make money.

Now how dumb is that kid how are you going to eat or anything.

“No grandpa, I stay with you.  And Sally said her dad made them all go poor,  because he didn’t have money to pay [money tax]. Sally said her dad worked really hard everyday. And now grandpa, they don’t have a house anymore.”

You want them all to come here?”

“Grandpa, no, stop, you’re making me start to laugh.  Sally has to live with her uncle. She told me she hates her uncle…

Listen kid.  Get outside and roll around in the mud or climb a tree but get out of my way.

“Okay grandpa, but just tell me.”

  1. Sure for 50 cents.
  2. Then ten more cents for the fifty-cents.
  3. Now get out of my way.

“Grandpa I don’t have fifty-cents, and why 10 cents more?”

In case you want your 50 cents back I’ll still have 10.


So you can keep it.

“But grandpa…”

That’s just the way it is kid, so slap yourself to the back door and open it for me.

  • Yup here we go.
  • knock yourself out laughing.
  • Maybe learn to laugh with your eyes opened and your mouth shut.

“Grandpa I can’t help it, it’s your face. You did this with your face.”

  1. Yup okay fall.
  2. Then make me trip.
  3. Then laugh more if I brake something.

“Grandpa, it’s all good, let me carry this for you. I don’t want you to fall.”

If it will help get rid of you take it. Laundry room is that way.

“Cool grandpa, give me the basket so you won’t fall down.”

Yeah, here take it. Now go sing a song for about an hour.

“Oh grandpa you’re so funny. I love being with you.”

Yup. You’re a good kid. A little odd, but I’ll take it.

“So grandpa, about the taxes…?”









You have selfish and spoiled. Both words mean one thing each.

  1. Spoiled means > rotten.
  2. Selfish means > greedy.

Grandpa am I spoiled & selfish?

YUP!  Yes you are.  “Grandpa do you love me.”  Yup! Yes I do.  “Grandpa can I get fixed.” Maybe!  Just maybe boy. But it will take a lot of work. “Why?” Cos you’re already a spoiled selfish kid.  “What kind of work grandpa, will I get paid?”

  • PAID?  Never thought of paying anyone to learn not to be spoiled or selfish.
  • Is this question an act of being spoiled or selfish?

Yup!  Yes it is.   The answer is no boy. You won’t get paid. “Then I want to work doing something else.”  It might be to late for you after all  boy. “How grandpa?” How old are you now kid.  “Grandpa, I turned seven and you forgot to buy me a present.

Selfish and Spoiled

  1. Seven is too old to take the spoiled out.
  2. Time has flown by can not harness the selfishness.
  3. These flaws are to large a dent, in the brain all ready.
  4. We are talking about growing egos.

Children are never to young to install values in them. These values are not something you learn on the way,  they are TAUGHT.

HERE IS YOUR BOTTLE NOW SHUT-UP!   {No this action is wrong}

This is selfish on your part.   Here is what you do..

  1. Pick the baby up!,  “gently bounce sh sh sh sh.

Come on little baby. Sh sh sh sh.”

Making your way to the bottle making area. You are teaching the baby to wait. Sh sh sh sh.   And that you are gentle and snuggling, you are teaching the infant affection.  This is the way children should be guided.

“Grandpa did mommy pick me up and bounce me?”  Yup!  But she quit about three months later, “why?”   Oh, well, that is just the way some people are.  “Is mommy Selfish  grandpa?”  Yup!  “Is mommy spoiled too grandpa?”   Yup!  “Why?”

Let’s just say mommy was born sick as a baby,  and as she grew,  no body wanted to scold her when she needed it. So she grew to be a spoiled selfish child, then teenager, then a woman then a mom. It’s to late now, she can’t be changed. So what we do is work around her and hope for the best.

“Grandpa are you spoiled too?”    No!  “Why?”  Because when I was a kid my mom and dad spanked us. Not only that. We were hit with belts and sticks and with what ever came off the floor. “What came off the floor grandpa?”

  • Chairs.

Lots of stuff. “Why?”  Well if they couldn’t reach us where we were, it was easier to throw something to hit us.  “Grandpa did you love your mommy and daddy?”  Yup! “Why?” Cos, they’re my mom and dad. “But if they hit you with a stick why did you love them. Why didn’t you run away and never go back?”  Because boy.  Moms and dads have to teach us that there are rules.

EVRYBODY IN THE WHOLE WORLD must follow the rules.

“Grandpa I don’t like rules. And I am going to break my piggy-bank and buy some gum. And if mommy tries to stop me, I will punch her in her belly.”











STUPID IS believing in luck and not yourself. Stupid is what you just said.


I am lucky, ya see, I am still lucky it just takes time. My time will come you can count on it, only it seems that I always do something dumb and miss the perfect opportunity. Sounds like I am my own fault at chasing my luck away.

Stupid is

To react poorly at everything around you because you will not accept the blame you caused.  Then go search everywhere over the net, to find a lucky spell that said something like >

  •  burn a candle
  • say words like
  •  fire burn brightly turn my luck around
  • blab blab blab burn fire burn
  • take the bad leave the  good
  • change my life to be good.

Now say all that one hundred times before the candle burns out.


  • You actually try the spell without learning the words
  • You don’t believe the spell needs to be said one hundred times
  • You still can’t recite all the words even though you said them five times over.


What is osmopatch and  mental confection grandpa?

This is severe to the brain, causing  a temporary  stupidity, like { when you burned the house down.} The ingredients of the osmopatch are still unknown  so it is hard to say. But mix that with mental confection? You loose control of your right mind.

What is stupid? >All the silly things you think or try. Unlike the common smart things you do basically all the time.

Stupid is not thinking before you speak

Stupid is speaking without thinking

Stupid is doing things without thinking

Stupid is thinking but not doing

Stupid is always giving up

Stupid comes in many forms.

  • standing in somebody’s door-way
  • climbing a mountain
  • writing a test
  • getting married
  • getting divorced
  • running amuck
  • allowing your feet to ache

These things are common, among, the things that are done stupidly. But don’t forget there are ZILLIONS of stupid unmentionable happenings not listed above.

what is stupid?

Okay grandpa. I won’t try anymore spells.

Then tell me what is stupid boy.

You grandpa, you.  You gave me the book, and said, go play, and with any luck come back with a pot of gold.

Sea Shells and The Book Of Spells  verses  Old-Age and The Withered Spectacles

Grandpa what is stupid. > Captivity.


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Picture 568

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So Football season started for the children. For this child he is so very excited that his dad signed him up. He had his try with soccer and hockey, running for two years and now that he is seven, yes, he wants this football. “But it’s dangerous”, his grandma says.  “No gramma. I’m not scared. I’m good at knocking down other kids”.  “Yes boy, but I don’t mean that. I mean.”  But that is all she is able to say, The child’s mother started in with stuff like, “It’s not dangerous, he will be wearing pads.  And he will be wearing a helmet. There is nothing dangerous about football!” Oh God she went on like, “Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.”  Then  “Blah blah blah.” I think you know the grandmother left the room holding her mind shut tight, hence-forth blah blah blah.

The next few days were quite about the game. Grandmother smiled  with the thoughts dancing in her head of the child’s soccer games and how chubby the little boy is running doing his best to keep up with the taller skinny kids. Not  bad at all. then after the game, “Grandma will you buy me a hot dog?”  “I sure will my boy. ” “Gramma I’m hungry, running makes me hungry.”  “Yes little one you did lots of running and you saves the ball two times.”  “Gramma did you see when I slid like this?”  Of course the little boy starts sliding about,  “watch gramma, I did this.” This is funny to her. “Yes, yes boy. I see and I saw. Now come back over here, you are going to knock someone down.”  Gram had to laugh as other people and children  scurried getting out of the little kids way. “What do you want on your hotdog.

She giggled to herself watching the plays in her mind as the child skated holding his stick up, eyes wide open chasing after the puck with the other hockey players. “Get your stick on the ice boy. On the ice.” She would call. He did well falling just before the swing or right after. So cute. But as he grew he bettered himself on the skates. Learning to stop a goal or actually getting a goal.  “Way to go kid gramma is proud of you. You are getting really good at hockey. “Grammy will you buy me a hotdog.” “I sure will my boy.”  “Gramma did you see when I hit the puck and it went in?” “Yes, yes I did. Did you hear me whistle?”  “No Gramma.” “How come?” “Gramma there is lots of noise.” “Oh I see.” “Gramma are you going to buy me a hotdog now?”  She laughs, “Yes. Lets get a move on then before they are all gone. “Thanks gramma.”  “No problem boy.”

She smiles at the memories watching the child grow, running and skating and now he or his dad wants to try football. She looses these happy thoughts then wondered how this will go?  The same as all the other times?  Where his dad is the coach and the child plays like every other kid but is the only rotten one on the team?  Terrible horrible sad hold her mind shut tight but nothing keeps out the bellowing crude remarks of how he could have done this or he did not do that or or or or or! STOP IT! Every second word coming from this fowl mouth is  F . . . or F . . . . .g! Filthy dirty abuse. Poor little child. Why? The boy is five-years of age! He is not a reincarnation of Eusebio from Portugal. Nor is this little child the great GUY LAFLEUR number 10. Montreal.

He is a small child 5 years of age doing HIS best to play two sports his father played. Now he is six gramma is so proud of this beautiful boy, he believes he is doing his best and gramma can see he is indeed trying like all the other boys. Falling like all he other boys. Missing or hitting goals like all the other boys. Having a hotdog like all the other boys.

Gramma wonders about the other boys and their dads. She can see they are happy giving puppy rubs to the heads of the sweaty kids. “Great job.”  But not her grandson. “Go over there. Now!” “Gramma will you buy me a hotdog?”  “Yes I will my boy. Great job out there. That was awesome how you slid and got the puck out of there.”  “Gramma did you see me when I skated backwards?” She laughs, “Yes that was so sweet. You finally did it.”

Then gramma sat quiet, fighting back the tears, blinking at the over flow but failing needing to wipe the wetness while daddy blows his shit at the child. “You stupid little F-ing good for nothing shit. Why do I even bother with you. When you get home. BLAH blah blah blah and filthy blah more than half way home.  Then more as dad fills in mom. But grandmother tosses in a, “he was great! You should have seen him skate backwards and stop a goal. It was freaking awesome.”  As the child brightens up his dad says, “Yeah but he played like an ass-hole the rest of the time.”  Gramma watched as the small amount of hope in the kids eyes waiting for any nice that may come from his mother faded. “That is too bad. You should try harder.” This from the absent mom at the game.

Now the child is seven. His very first day for Football. They left gramma sleeping and off they went to his big game. Gramma didn’t even know this is the day or she would have been up and ready. She really wanted to watch her grandson in action as he told her how excited this would be. But also she wanted to see what dangers there may be, so to be able to give the child pointers. but she wasn’t she was home sleeping dreaming of collecting facecloths belonging to some girl, who if they were found by the wrong people there would be great Danger! lol sleep is funny at times.

Gramma wakes to yells and noise and what the crap is happening! I will tell you what is happening. Mommy is freaking out! [After the first Football practice the child asked. “Mommy can I have a hotdog.”] From there is it is a mystery until Gramma wakes hearing the boy ask, “Mommy can I come out of my room?”  “NO! No you can’t!”

I wonder if his dad thinks the boy is Jim Brown 1957 Cleveland Browns. IMG_1525






What are these grandchildren, I’ll tell you what.  A HANDFUL that is what. But more than that they are a bundle of joy, a laugh a day, one of the most biggest blessings in the world., that is what grandchildren are.. Fun funny and a huge headache at times. Why is this? I’ll tell you that too. When we get older our bodies change. Lots of new things hurt. Muscle mass dwindles so does our stress level.  For one thing these bundles of joy grow, getting heavier  but still want up with tiny arms and fingers stretched sky-high crying to be picked up. Ohh sooo heavy, but we pick them up, knowing one day they won’t want up or we just can’t do it. Not every grand parent mind you only a certain caring type.

What type? Well let me tell you.. Us type that’s who.  There would have to be a chronological study of new mothers becoming grandmothers in order for myself or anyone for that matter to answer what grandmother type is the type who will not hinder grandchildren. BUT!  needless to say there are those of us who under any circumstances will not get down on the floor with said child. Why? I’ll tell you why. We can’t.  Well maybe we can but it hurts like [ i don’t know what] to get back up. So there is not many things to get us down on the floor.  Sad really, only because the child is too young to understand this and cries on. Quickly the mind must be changed,  so we say something like “goo-goo gaga play up here.” If we are lucky the child will join us on a sofa, at the table or just on our feet rather down on the floor.

Grandchildren are quick to learn only if  [YOU] teach them. YES they MUST be taught by you by the parents by someone or they nothing like they are used to. Nothing. But they are smart they learn fast they are funny and bring so much joy into our lives. Little sponges they are, soaking up all the intelligent ways of life  we feed them. Then before we know it they are helping us. Taking care of us, picking us up should we need it.

Grandchildren are our little seeds a piece of us, you, me. They need LOTS of ATTENTION every day EVERYDAY not here there maybe today maybe not. EVERYDAY learning love and care.. So we say softly no no no as you smile, going over to them guiding gently what should be done.


This is no way to react or speak to any GRANDCHILDREN ever!  I’m sure you know people who scream and yell at children grand or not. This is not okay the child grows on this behavior getting older getting stronger getting meaner getting to hate and not care about anyone or anything only themselvesIMG_1150. WHY? I will tell you why. Because that is how you raised them.